Security Blanket?

I’m sure everyone has photos, videos, or stories of their first stuffed toy/blanket that you were fond of.

“Fond.” Hah. He’s been more of useless cat. Can’t teach it tricks nor make him doing anything. Just like a cat.

He was your first. You can’t blame him for being himself. Just be glad I didn’t make a cat. Now introduce you’re first toy.

*Heavily sighs* This is Minion One. Yes that’s his whole name. If you go way back into the posts he might have showed up somewhere. He is a hasi, bunny. Minion One is an amigurumi, made from…some yarn material. He is used to be security guard of the bed, my most favorite sleeping spot, but shirking off his duties of also being a dream catcher. He has been banished underneath the bed. Unfortunately, there has been more bunnies about but I stopped their multiplying quick leaving only four bunnies alive including the useless one Minion One.

You forgot to add another miscellaneous info.


The “other” meaning to his name.

*looks off to the side* Tja, well since one person has caught it, I might as well tell everyone to prevent any more “awws.” Minion One is also a play of words of the french word “mignon.” Mignon meaning cute or dainty. *looks at Minion, tosses him to the side, taps a foot looks over at him, then picks him up again*

He cannot redeem himself. I found a build-a-bear bear has done wonders for my nap time.


It's not as if I was keeping you for any sentimental value. You're useful in your own unuseful way.

Didn’t have the heart to give the bunnies away. I must find them a better home.

First Meet-up (lots of pics)

Obligatory waving photo

If there’s one thing about meet ups in California, its that most of them are located super far away at conventions and expos. I don’t go to these so once people start talking about blank-con or blank-expo I’m blanking out. Luckily I managed to find one only a city away. (I thought about going to the Santa Barbara Botanical Gardens but I wasn’t really into it that day)

Of course, I was bugging out all the way there. Did I bring everything I needed? (Yes) Did I bring too much? (Yes) Did I really have to bring extra clothes and wigs and eyes? (Not really no.) Will anyone say anything about the bad quick face up I did? (Nope) OMG what if they don’t like Mori? (They liked him)

I got there an hour early so I can look around, find good places for picture taking, and also check out the library (I’m all about libraries). It was my first time going to this park and saw all these mini-birthday parties setting up at Area 1 where we were going to meet. I took some pictures on the mini-bridge (I also love bridges). I finally walked all the way around to Area 2 where we would meet. Met two of the doa members and waited for the other two people to show up.

I didn’t know how these things worked.

“And who are you?”

“I’m kiwae.”

“Ah the tentative one.”

Hehe yeah, wasn’t sure I was going to come but darn it since I did nothing on my birthday seeing some dolls should take care of that. And it did.

People set up their dolls. I switched eyes, fixed wig, made sure he wasn’t going to topple over and show butt…and then picture time. Most of them were blurry sadly but everyone’s dolls were way cool. I was in awe actually, most of the time. Msds were so tiny. The Volks doll was super big for a SD, as in thicker. Draco Malfoy showed up too.

So then I immediately started thinking of the next doll to get. I saw Unoa and she was adorable. The bigger ladies were beautiful and the males were cutie pies.

There were some strange rituals going on: obligatory butt photo

Poor elephant, doa doesn't allowed this cute guy because he's not "asian" enough

When the other ladies were taking pictures, they said he was winking! I was mentally throwing expletives at him 'You never wink for me! T_T' lol what a cad

Answer to Alessa

Question?: Dear Mori,
If I may be so presumptuous to ask, what kind of person is your ‘type’?

I am going to think you mean my face/sculpt/head mold?

If that’s what you mean, then I’m a So-nyeon-gi Normal Skin Ryun. The company has now changed its name to SWITCH, they don’t sell my sculpt anymore but if you’re lucky you might find one second hand.

But if you meant, what type of person would I prefer dating?

It depends on how their personalities are (how they interact with me I guess)…I am partial to the cute. Men and women. I like the ladies to be cute. The men can be cute too but to a certain extent but I’m seeing a lot of boyish boys I like. ;3

And if you meant something else, then please comment this post because I don’t know how else to interpret the question ;_;

Still waiting…and more window shopping

for that Alice Collections shipment to start shipping. Just contacted them and they should be done making the stuff in a week so *crosses fingers*

I finally managed to stop looking at other dolls to get more stuff for Mori. (Because I still haven’t decided to get Amber or a HeeAh or the new Beyours doll that came out, or not…)

  • Wig Cap
  • Jeans
  • Underwear
  • Suspenders
  • Gir sweater (not AC, but from here)

And getting closer to my own birthday, I’m contemplating getting more clothes…specifically some fashionable clothes, like ninestyle stuff.

Mori: So your plan was to make me look as normal looking as possible? -_-

Well, seeing how you just hitchhiked here from Chicago and doing small jobs here and there. I figured your clothes would be at best – Simple. Minimal. Neutral colors. So there would be easy mix and match. Which was why I wasn’t going to get anything too complicated/overly patterned…

~v~ For starters, I want a coat. Even if this is California and it never gets cold over here. I want a coat. Actually I want a couple of jackets…

Oh boy, what have I unleashed? (Or I could not buy anything at all and wait for the dream body to show itself on the marketplace – dollstown 15boy body, since DT stopped selling them T-T or one of the other alternatives I have on a list…Or just get myself a laptop…)

(.◕ A ◕.) No…clothes. For me. Also dress shoes, either in brown or black.

Oh right, got a bit off-track to what I was going to say. Alice Collections. Currently waiting on: I was planning on doing some iron-on transfers onto his underwear: a Batman logo. My sister has been complaining all this time to get him some underwear because when he bends over his booty shows and I gotta catch that none of his junk shows in public. “About time,” is her response. As long as I can fit those jeans over them, I don’t really care.

Also! New face up: After getting more of his face accidentally scratched up (I like touching his face and his hand likes to smack his own face sometimes), I thought a quick “dark” look was in order for the fall. Did this late in the day and into the night, which I wouldn’t recommend doing a face up at night unless you have one of those “daylight fluorescent bulbs” in order. I don’t like it much but I’ll keep it for now. I was attempting the antique look  but that ended up into this. Will fix the eyebrows when I got some free time.

The etsy nerd glasses finally came in…he’s really gone to the nerd side of life. T_T

Fall Semester

Heheh. We’re back.

Hurrah. And hello all.

And we’ve been doing pretty much a whole lot of nothing during the summer.

Minus the occasion where I was used as Show-and-Tell to her Speech class.

Hm yes, besides that whole exciting bit. I didn’t have much to say about him, shocking, besides “This is a BJD and he is anatomically correct.” I spent a lot of time practicing on not messing “anatomically” up. But let’s see what else did we do?

  • Made a black shirt.
  • Made a purple shirt.
  • Worked on arm tattoos.
  • Currently planning a new face up.
  • Waiting for some glasses to come in from Monstro Designs

Otherwise, I’ve been distracted by tumblr, as usual, doing .

I also got some glasses from Michaels, from the large dolls section, and painted those green. (Those are the glasses he’s wearing in the picture) They’re pretty much bent frames, watermarked lenses, but at least you can fold them up.

When I was working on that arm tattoo, right when I was about to be finished after spraying sealer, I had to meet up with my Grandma so I threw him in my bag and when I looked to see if it was still looking good, the sealer got all nicked up.

So I haven’t decided whether to wipe it all off…

Even if it does look a mess. Do I look like a wannabe hipster now with these glasses?

No, not yet, when the etsy one’s comes in. Then you’ll be one of those types. And still trying to decide on my other arm tattoo, wish the girl from deviantart were taking commissions, I want her to draw me some awesome tribal stuff.

and through the woods…

For the past three or so weeks, kiwae’s been catching up on her goal to read a hundred books this year and I’ve been catchin’ up on sleep and my wanderlust.

I also received some nice stuff from surprisingly Party City. Composition books, wrist bands, that paint set and especially all that candy I can fit in my bags. You haven’t seen how much I can fit in my doggy bag.

Not lost in the woods completely


Something moved…Glad its not dark yet because I have no one to act like the screaming queen.

I’m not scared sample tests

Pretty much my whole thought using was “Lalala, don’t know what I’m doing! Trying to figure out all these style prints :D”

(Going off reference because its less thinking on my part photo…Outline first in ms paint and then copy pasted into Those boots…kind of want) Still figuring how the layers work (Can’t see new lines on layer 1 without drawing/erasing on layer 3, thought it would be on “multiply” setting or something)

… And since there’s no other excuses to not put these up, guess I can show you the rest. She wanted me to do some uniform-wearing school theme.

Slowly getting the hang of layering, though it be a pain.
Remember when you bought a coloring book and before coloring inside the lines you think to yourself “I’m totally going to make this look good!” and then after coloring you think “Oh Buddha, this looked better NOT colored!” Yeah, always thinking that.

Before (just look at Machi)

(I won’t tell you how easy it is to draw Machi while I take all night figuring my own sorry mug’s look. And the hands, don’t look)


All this theme is doing is making me want to draw a whole classroom of friends…

gonna need reference and loads of time stalking/staring at friends faces