The new girl is here.

As I stared and repeatedly refreshed the usps tracking button, she came…right when I had to go to work, I got the text.

Delivered. (WITHOUT ME THERE, woe was I.)

Counting down the hours till I clocked out.

Denying to cover another’s no show shift.

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Update and Insta

Last night, I just finished paying off the layaway to HeeAh.giphy

Super stoked! Still nothing planned for her but I’ve been looking around and buying stuff. And if they don’t fit, Miles can have them, and if they don’t fit him well…resell it.

Seller just shipped her so she’ll be here by next week. A February kid…excited to check all the personality charts out. Their personalities aren’t usually set in stone according to what I read, I just pick and choose because Miles contradicts everything that’s given for an August 23 person.

What’s coming in then? Three pairs of eyes and three pairs of pants, coincidentally.

Just made an instagram to spam post my doll activities.


You can figure out my main from that.


So before I show you what he looks like currently, let’s see a previous owner pics.



After, this is after I finished making that blond wig.



His orange wig came along with him that would never be used and thought ‘I could make something out of this.’ So, at the time, as a poor college student, I used the trusty bjd diy hack of colouring a wig with a sharpie. The results turned out better than expected because I wanted to see if the hairstyle I wanted could be attempted.



The mohawk look works, the fibers are a bit stiff though. If only I could do a fade too…

Some new alternative fibers came in today, because goat hair is pretty pricey by the HALF OUNCE (and as all of this wig making biz is trial by error, I need extra when I do fuck up), so wanted to try some new cheaper stuff. Hope the results are good, I hear some good stuff about one I got. You’ll see my progress when HeeAh comes in. New doll, new noggin to work with.

edited: the photos didn’t work.

It’s been 50 (5) years, wtf have you been?

Oh you know me, the ever lazy type that eventually pick things up again. School really fucks you up man. Physically, mentally, economically. The basic struggles of a college student. What a waste, lol. I’ve been moving around every year and now looks like I’ve “just settled” but I’m still looking for better places and such.

Anyways to catch ya up on thangs.

  • I sold Mori’s Dollmore body. As nice as it was, love the hands, I couldn’t take the bobbleheadedness no more when I could wait for my grail body (dollstown or volks) to show up one day on the marketplace. So he’s been bodyless since then. I try to keep up with his tumblr (and thus personality) but also lazy about that too. ha
    • Story-wise: He’s been working as a piano player at some ritzy hotel, occasionally plays music for young ballet dancers, and teaches on the side – enough to put his student in recitals and shit. He’s made friends with the cooks and now gets to eat free fancy food.
  • August 23, 2013: Saw I had extra muns to splurge and got a Souldoll Lev apricot skin on the marketplace. I will be his 3rd (and hopefully final?) owner. I don’t know what he did…troubled kid, haha. His first and middle name: Miles Anatoly. I still don’t know his age to this day, could be a 6th grader (what age is that???) or a middle schooler. I just know he’s not a high schooler. (As you can tell, I haven’t gone full out on his backstory). He’s a bit more manageable as a MSD.
    • Pros: He’s easier to carry around. He has big hands that are a bit too mature for him? But I like them. That face, 10/10. And that skin tone, love, looks like a real boy with that orange skin, hee. He’s a good sloucher and his faceup is pretty expressive I think. One of the bigger msds too.
    • Cons: As a bigger msd, the cooler clothes are out of the picture. Gotta find like volk/luts/bluefairy sized clothes. And as a secondhand doll goes, some things get broken or are missing in a set, he is missing his left pinky. The previous owner had a replacement hand BUT that hand completely does not match the body now, its more milky and translucent so absolutely no use to me. The Levs have removable ears too to switch from basic to elf ears, I only have one elf ear. So other than that, I got him for a pretty sweet deal.
    • Made him two decent hard cap wigs, one blond and the other red.
    • As opposed to Mori, he’s more happy. Better spirited.
    • Pretty much been enjoying him, drawing, taking some photos, hangin out.
  • As of Feb 1st of this year, I’ve put myself up on a layaway for MyDolling HeeAh! After all this time, 4 years since Miles and another so and so since Mori, I put up a want ad on the mp and the heavens above have connected us to an immediate response. She was just about to put her own HeeAh up before seeing my post. HeeAh is a complete impulse buy but she’s been on my wishlist for awhile. No name. No backstory. No eye colour in mind! She’s just gonna be here hanging out as a buddy for Miles. Unless she’s too “mature” for him.
    • Note: She’s a Tan A which is muted tan, not warm caramel colour tan you see with other tanned dolls that would be Tan B.
    • For looks, I’d like her to look Asian-esque and the same age with Miles. Don’t know if she should look a bit grumpy/irritated or happy but we’ll see what her current faceup is in person first. The other HeeAh’s I’ve seen got this sad, drowsy look that I want to avoid, if at all, cause I got Mori for that, haha.
    • I’ll be making her a wig. What style? Can’t say.
    • Fortunate for her, HeeAh can fit the cute mnf type clothes cause she’s tinier than them! I believe Unoa is the same size as her. If only I could find some colored sunglasses, hot damn, she’d be cool then.

Guess I’m just gonna be that secondhand doll kinda gal, all of them are 2nd/3rd dolls. The only thing I do buy new mostly are their clothes!

I’ll be putting up photos of Miles later on here cause Tumblr is a junk drawer filled with everything (and trash memes) and, unless tagged, is hard to find my dolls.

Answer to Alessa

Question?: Dear Mori,
If I may be so presumptuous to ask, what kind of person is your ‘type’?

I am going to think you mean my face/sculpt/head mold?

If that’s what you mean, then I’m a So-nyeon-gi Normal Skin Ryun. The company has now changed its name to SWITCH, they don’t sell my sculpt anymore but if you’re lucky you might find one second hand.

But if you meant, what type of person would I prefer dating?

It depends on how their personalities are (how they interact with me I guess)…I am partial to the cute. Men and women. I like the ladies to be cute. The men can be cute too but to a certain extent but I’m seeing a lot of boyish boys I like. ;3

And if you meant something else, then please comment this post because I don’t know how else to interpret the question ;_;

Still waiting…and more window shopping

for that Alice Collections shipment to start shipping. Just contacted them and they should be done making the stuff in a week so *crosses fingers*

I finally managed to stop looking at other dolls to get more stuff for Mori. (Because I still haven’t decided to get Amber or a HeeAh or the new Beyours doll that came out, or not…)

  • Wig Cap
  • Jeans
  • Underwear
  • Suspenders
  • Gir sweater (not AC, but from here)

And getting closer to my own birthday, I’m contemplating getting more clothes…specifically some fashionable clothes, like ninestyle stuff.

Mori: So your plan was to make me look as normal looking as possible? -_-

Well, seeing how you just hitchhiked here from Chicago and doing small jobs here and there. I figured your clothes would be at best – Simple. Minimal. Neutral colors. So there would be easy mix and match. Which was why I wasn’t going to get anything too complicated/overly patterned…

~v~ For starters, I want a coat. Even if this is California and it never gets cold over here. I want a coat. Actually I want a couple of jackets…

Oh boy, what have I unleashed? (Or I could not buy anything at all and wait for the dream body to show itself on the marketplace – dollstown 15boy body, since DT stopped selling them T-T or one of the other alternatives I have on a list…Or just get myself a laptop…)

(.β—• A β—•.) No…clothes. For me. Also dress shoes, either in brown or black.

Oh right, got a bit off-track to what I was going to say. Alice Collections. Currently waiting on: I was planning on doing some iron-on transfers onto his underwear: a Batman logo. My sister has been complaining all this time to get him some underwear because when he bends over his booty shows and I gotta catch that none of his junk shows in public. “About time,” is her response. As long as I can fit those jeans over them, I don’t really care.

Also! New face up: After getting more of his face accidentally scratched up (I like touching his face and his hand likes to smack his own face sometimes), I thought a quick “dark” look was in order for the fall. Did this late in the day and into the night, which I wouldn’t recommend doing a face up at night unless you have one of those “daylight fluorescent bulbs” in order. I don’t like it much but I’ll keep it for now. I was attempting the antique lookΒ  but that ended up into this. Will fix the eyebrows when I got some free time.

The etsy nerd glasses finally came in…he’s really gone to the nerd side of life. T_T

Fall Semester

Heheh. We’re back.

Hurrah. And hello all.

And we’ve been doing pretty much a whole lot of nothing during the summer.

Minus the occasion where I was used as Show-and-Tell to her Speech class.

Hm yes, besides that whole exciting bit. I didn’t have much to say about him, shocking, besides “This is a BJD and he is anatomically correct.” I spent a lot of time practicing on not messing “anatomically” up. But let’s see what else did we do?

  • Made a black shirt.
  • Made a purple shirt.
  • Worked on arm tattoos.
  • Currently planning a new face up.
  • Waiting for some glasses to come in from Monstro Designs

Otherwise, I’ve been distracted by tumblr, as usual, doing .

I also got some glasses from Michaels, from the large dolls section, and painted those green. (Those are the glasses he’s wearing in the picture) They’re pretty much bent frames, watermarked lenses, but at least you can fold them up.

When I was working on that arm tattoo, right when I was about to be finished after spraying sealer, I had to meet up with my Grandma so I threw him in my bag and when I looked to see if it was still looking good, the sealer got all nicked up.

So I haven’t decided whether to wipe it all off…

Even if it does look a mess. Do I look like a wannabe hipster now with these glasses?

No, not yet, when the etsy one’s comes in. Then you’ll be one of those types. And still trying to decide on my other arm tattoo, wish the girl from deviantart were taking commissions, I want her to draw me some awesome tribal stuff.