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Accidents happen all the time

Accidents happen okay!

I just want to make sure this isn’t going to happen again…

It’s not. Now that I can’t move half of my arm.

It’s like you’ve never played with one hand before…

You said yourself “What’s a chef’s most important tool? Their hands.” And a person needs TWO hands to play a piano or else I might as well play the kazoo and I don’t do kazoos. Don’t talk to me.

A piano falls on Mori. Period. (The ideas I come up with…)

Not the big ones, the electronic, flatboard ones. My old keyboard to be exact.

I can’t believe I’ve been here for two years and haven’t noticed it! Must of been in a deep television-induced coma or something…

Let’s be glad you’re face is still intact and you’re fingers didn’t break.

Yes. It would’ve been a tragedy. Babes crying at night. Sig alerts everywhere. The National Guard putting up the flag half mast. I might as well keel over if I can’t ever play again…

Okay, sheesh, enough with the drama already you queen. Ironic though is it not? The thing you love the most will be your demise…if you ever do that again. lol

Photobucket What can I say? I ♥ Pianos and also some ♥s to the keyboards on the side and if I live by the piano, I’ll die by the piano, it’ll be worth it. 😆

Shoot, let me sign your arm! As long as you don’t break a leg, you can break your arms any time you want, but don’t really, because I’m 100% sure no ones selling crutches or wheelchairs. And that’s just silly to have.

But then at least I’d have two hands working… 😎