Answer to Alessa

Question?: Dear Mori,
If I may be so presumptuous to ask, what kind of person is your ‘type’?

I am going to think you mean my face/sculpt/head mold?

If that’s what you mean, then I’m a So-nyeon-gi Normal Skin Ryun. The company has now changed its name to SWITCH, they don’t sell my sculpt anymore but if you’re lucky you might find one second hand.

But if you meant, what type of person would I prefer dating?

It depends on how their personalities are (how they interact with me I guess)…I am partial to the cute. Men and women. I like the ladies to be cute. The men can be cute too but to a certain extent but I’m seeing a lot of boyish boys I like. ;3

And if you meant something else, then please comment this post because I don’t know how else to interpret the question ;_;

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