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Search “doll” and “thing” and maybe you might find us

I’m still kind of learning how to use the dashboard, *has just discovered the My Comments section -slaps forehead-*
Also discovered the random search feature, where people google/yahoo things and end up in a place they didn’t expect, ie My Blog. There was some “Okay I get why they would click my link” and then “HOW DOES THAT CORRELATE TO MY BLOG?’

*snickers in the background* It’s funny to see yet kind of sad.

I don’t even think we ever used the words ‘gay’ or ‘yaoi’ up until this very sentence.

What with your bad memory and all.

Here’s some of the Search terms, the bolded ones are either funny/”How did you get here?” confused/cute/ or mental rage.

switch uhui 8
supia doll 6
crobidoll ys 6
beyours amber 6
crobidolls 5
so-nyeon-gi ryun 4
crobidoll ys type a 4
making silicone dolls blog 3
bjd lips 3
it’s a doll thing 3
images of youth dollmor dolls 2
sculpt pretty face 2
scary doll halloween costumes 2
bjd “cross dress” -denofangels 2
cute sd doll wallpaper 2
silicone doll demonstration 2
bjd crossdress 2
so nyeon gi ryun 2
“beyours” bjd 2
ich mag dieses 2
yaoi bjd dolls 2
male bjd face 2
soom nephelin 2
so-nyeon-gi yujin 2
t3t 1
leekeworld kyou 1
wordpress kiwae 1
doll eyebrows 1
bjd doll gay 1
ryun (white skin) 1
domuya fin bjd for sale 1
forum on jauctions 1
sexy jointed doll 1
jauctions forum 1
leekeworld “misty gray” 1
10 most beautiful dolls 1
sng ryun 1
beyours amber bjd 1
supia rosy 1
forum jauctions 1
4dentertainment manga 1
ugly faces with messed up eye 1
instructions on how to attache a vynil face on a doll 1

Apparently I need to be more careful cause now people will be expecting yaoi, gay, and cross-dressing boys with ugly faces and messed up eyes.

*cracks up* Do I really crossdress that much? I have what? That peacock bathing suit and that long gray shirt? And I’ve yet to state my ambiguous preference…or is it that apparent? You didn’t think taking all of those pictures, people would assume I was forced into it?

… STILL. “Ugly faces with messed up eye” made me rage. Messed up eye…I’ll give then a messed up eye alright.

You’re right.

And you did.

To me.

Shaddup, I’m trying to protect your pride. Integrity. Whatever that word is that I’m thinking about!