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Face up 2.0

After a few weeks of this plain (really plain) face up, I got the courage to put the pictures up for critique in DOA. I should have expected the bad, well they weren’t bad, reviews. Someone said if I needed to layer, then layer, layering is good, layer until you’re happy with the face.

Even gave me a link to their tutorial. Timchener’s face up tutorial

Today, I looked at Mori’s face up, and thought ‘yeah, suppose he could get more color to his life.’

Blushed the eyebrows, eyelids, even added some purple eyeshadow that he’s going moody all over it, and really put the scarlet red on his lips.

Can you see the difference?

Face 1.0

Guess how many layers I did.

He really appeared to match the pink dollmore body more with all that blush. But I’m not keeping him shirtless for too long.

The clothes I bought have just went into shipment. 🙂