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Saturday Shoot 2


Just about to jump but I caught him in time, heart attack, geez

I don’t mind you climbing every friggin tree Tarzan but that shirt is still brand new (freebie from the box opening) and you’re climbing trees with that on!

As your Madeleine says, “Pooh-pooh.”

Do you need help?

I got it. I didn’t dream about parading with that Bear Grylls for nothing.

Where's that bus at?


Time to go home *pooped*




Felt like the longest day ever.

Mustaches, we need to get more of these

Today while waiting for a few friends to pick us up and go to the mall (took them 45 min and so that’s how long we took taking pictures, ;D of course I took my sister’s camera with me) I didn’t take any pictures at the mall. My friend is still in the “Don’t bring him out. He’s so creepy.” Stage. We’ll get him liking Mori sooner or later. If I can get him addicted to anime. I can do the same to bjds.

"This acorn, no, pinecone? Well I can barely lift this thing."

"Practice for the iron man competition. Darn this is hard on one knee."

"Damn, okay let me take a breather..."

"How do you like my 'stache? Cause I'm kinda liking it."

I got the stache at this little toy dispenser in the mall. I was going to snip it down a little but got lazy. I have to get more of these.