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Fall Semester

Heheh. We’re back.

Hurrah. And hello all.

And we’ve been doing pretty much a whole lot of nothing during the summer.

Minus the occasion where I was used as Show-and-Tell to her Speech class.

Hm yes, besides that whole exciting bit. I didn’t have much to say about him, shocking, besides “This is a BJD and he is anatomically correct.” I spent a lot of time practicing on not messing “anatomically” up. But let’s see what else did we do?

  • Made a black shirt.
  • Made a purple shirt.
  • Worked on arm tattoos.
  • Currently planning a new face up.
  • Waiting for some glasses to come in from Monstro Designs

Otherwise, I’ve been distracted by tumblr, as usual, doing .

I also got some glasses from Michaels, from the large dolls section, and painted those green. (Those are the glasses he’s wearing in the picture) They’re pretty much bent frames, watermarked lenses, but at least you can fold them up.

When I was working on that arm tattoo, right when I was about to be finished after spraying sealer, I had to meet up with my Grandma so I threw him in my bag and when I looked to see if it was still looking good, the sealer got all nicked up.

So I haven’t decided whether to wipe it all off…

Even if it does look a mess. Do I look like a wannabe hipster now with these glasses?

No, not yet, when the etsy one’s comes in. Then you’ll be one of those types. And still trying to decide on my other arm tattoo, wish the girl from deviantart were taking commissions, I want her to draw me some awesome tribal stuff.