The new girl is here.

As I stared and repeatedly refreshed the usps tracking button, she came…right when I had to go to work, I got the text.

Delivered. (WITHOUT ME THERE, woe was I.)

Counting down the hours till I clocked out.

Denying to cover another’s no show shift.

More chit chat under the cut.

I swiftly came back to see the package on the bed. She was well mummified and didn’t notice any damages on her. She has the usual wearing down around her joints. She’s got some weight (she’s heavy but not heavy, I don’t know how to describe it because I don’t handle different msds at all) to her even though she’s 4cm smaller than Miles. The resin, tan A – which is like Suntan you see with other dolls, not the warm tan but cool, grayish tones to the tan; like this person’s lived out in the countryside or where the climate’s always hot. But yeah, the resin has some tooth to it. She’s also quite tight, string-wise. HeeAh has quite a mature looking face/sculpt as well as her hands and feet.

She came with some goodies: eyelashes, a tiny metal container from Korea, previous owner’s eyes and faceup to see what she could be like.

Compare her to Miles unique orange Apricot skin, it’s definitely different! I don’t think I can go back to normal skin tones ever.

Name: Don’t know as of now.

Birthday: February 13. 19:57 (7:57PM, I’ll go by the first photo I took of her.)

How’d she get here?: All I know is is that she’s a friend of Miles, hasn’t seen him in forever, and now can hang out again.

Ethnicity: I kind of want her to be some type of pacific islander but I’m still thinking about other eastern influences.

Faceup: I want need thicker eyebrows, lowered a bit. A more Asiatic eye, chinky if possible. Fix her lipstick and make her look a bit younger and happier.


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