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First face up, of the new year, of the rabbit, of 2011, at 3:34PM

A few people had recommended Tamiya as one of the good alternatives to Mr. Super Clear (I almost forgot all about that guy). $7 for one Tamiya sealer, TS-80 flat coat, is worth the price. You really got to spray outside though because once you start spraying you can see the spray cloud stay in the air for awhile so have plenty of ventilation, masks, and oxygen and do it outside. I need to follow my own advice at some point.

It felt more…I don’t know the words to describe “smooth, didn’t have that grit, and wasn’t shiny” plus it dried a thousand times more quicker than Model Master. Though being that it “didn’t have that grit”  meant it wouldn’t take much of color = More layers. UGH.  😡

And I for one like to do everything at one go (Average of 4 or 5 layers). 2 layers + 1 layer for blush + 1 layer for more blush and hair stuff + 1 layer = Done usually in a day if no ones home. Of course, I always go a little spray crazy when it comes to the first seal.

So I was surprised when after I sealed, what I thought was a heavy amount of colors, the color wasn’t popping like it should. What happened to all that blush that went around his head?! 😥 That’s fine, how quick it coats the head and the dry time makes you want to layer more. It was really good when I started messing up the eyebrows as usual and the paint didn’t leave any marks! OMG, that means Model Master was the sh*t, as in the not good sh*t, it left marks everywhere even with the pastels I would erase some blush on the eyelids and it wouldn’t go away. I’m glad I bought two cans and can throw that failure out of here. He has that ‘lost in his own world’ look when turned to the side, ah that’s Mo-san.

Yep, this is my station. *Looks down* Thanks knees, you’ve been the best desk so far. That’s all I’m working with here, with a few paint tubes and Tamiya out of the picture. I stopped taking out the whole tray of pastels when it’s easier to just take colors through the gaps. Plus when I scraped them with a knife, I didn’t really use all of it, seriously such a waste and I’m only mixing 6 kinds of pink. I find it easier to just brush on each color. Less waste. These will last forever.

I think things are starting to become more routine now besides how frequently I do his face ups. I was looking at him after the first layer and thought something was missing from this blank face but what? And oh, yes, how could I forget, beauty marks…

The sanding helped, currently no chipping anywhere near his nose. Yay! On the track of improvement ’cause I’m loving them eyebrows. I should really make a time-line of my progress.

So that I can put a gold star on it? Girl, you are not in 1st grade.

Ha I know. I’ll put more blush on later. And you know things happen…

Somehow, in some way not specified, apparent, or known,  a piano falls on Mori like the witch and Dorothy’s house in Wizard of Oz.

1st post of the new year

Woah, where have I been? Oh yeah, getting Mori his own Facebook, because I can’t keep putting up pictures of someone else on my account. Ok let me think and look back on what we did. (And don’t mind the new layout, I’m still looking for a nice one so don’t be surprised if I change this the next 20 times.)

I was pretty busy at the end of the year. I was helping my relatives move and finals were coming up. I only read 1 out of 8 chapters in my Accounting class but I managed to pass with a B. Phew. I know I would’ve been in huge trouble if I failed.

December 24, 2010. New face up, this is the most natural I’ve done. Someone stated that I needed to make his eyebrows longer and I did. I’m starting to really miss the beat up look. But I think he’ll have another “accident” later on this year. I spent Christmas with my relatives and I really wanted to make something for Mo-san because I haven’t been paying much attention to him.

I recently seen this video on youtube and I wanted to do this. I haven’t completed this yet but I’ll let you search “Geddan (get down) dance.” There’s a few dolls doing the dance too. Hope I can finish doing this.

The night before Christmas, I wanted something Christmas-y for him. I found this small xmas stocking and thought it would be great if I can make two shoes for him. But alas, I shoulda figured his feet were bigger than just that small stocking. I went to Walmart. They were closed. I went to Walgreens and thankfully they were open and they had stockings, that fit perfectly, and the bow too. Woot. I got his reindeer clip ons on, for free from a gift certificate, they were a wee bigger but it fits.

Oh and those bright yellow tights you were staring at? Yep, made that in a jiffy from a tube top that was a present, heh, good thing I didn’t throw that away. His legs look fantastic in those. He’s still not liking it.

2011, the new year, we went out. But unfortunately it was so cold and windy. We managed to pull some off behind Target in 20 minutes before we jumped on the bus. More pics here or flickr. These two girls on the bus saw him and knew he was “one of those high maintenance dolls” haha. I was happy that they thought he was cool. Makes me want to bring him out more. I think you slowly stop noticing the weird looks people give you when you bring your dolls out more.

I do believe this the most exposed I’ve let myself, as in they’re are people that could possibly see Mori, and behind Target there are many cars passing by, so I didn’t know why I let myself get so nervous taking pictures. Next time, I’ll try to find an area with everyone staring so I can get over this fear.

That scarf? Only one dollar at the bus stop store.

At the bus stop, second day to take him out, wasn't very good

That long sleeve shirt is new! 😀 Made that from my sister’s too small shirt. The sleeves are kind of extra long, the jacket likes to bunch up alot DX, and another dollar scarf. Finally liking something I made. Hehe, guess I need more black fabric.

And remember that striped carrier bag I made? Yeah…I don’t use it that much. To transport anyway, mostly it’s for storing his stuff. I’m a terrible owner, I just throw and stuff Mori into my bags so obviously he has nothing to protect his face up much. So I try to cover his face with his hands. Gah, I am terrible! Bet you wouldn’t even notice if the sun didn’t shine on his hands. lol, and I think that’s everything I did between my last post and today.