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Now that I’m looking at it from a distance, I finally noticed the leg was oddly longer (and position seemed weird too, too bent) than usual.

I didn’t say anything seeing how I would have to turn my head 180 degrees like an owl.

I should have really thought this through a little more, oh well, no skin off of my nose. I was going to just outline and be done with it but then using watercolor pencils wasn’t really working. I couldn’t really layer up the colors because it wouldn’t take the pencil. Maybe because it was super hot when I did this. (80 degrees for two days and now it’s cloudy.)

The hard part was painting her face and painting the bones, I scaled this image down 50% so some of the details were gone before I looked at the original again.

Thank you natzilla for letting us use your art.

She did what she could. *head meets floor*m(_  _)m

Geez don’t be a dramatic prude.

Only when it comes to relationships, not-safe-for-work pictures and comics. Everything else that comes to being a prude I’m all for it.