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Still waiting…and more window shopping

for that Alice Collections shipment to start shipping. Just contacted them and they should be done making the stuff in a week so *crosses fingers*

I finally managed to stop looking at other dolls to get more stuff for Mori. (Because I still haven’t decided to get Amber or a HeeAh or the new Beyours doll that came out, or not…)

  • Wig Cap
  • Jeans
  • Underwear
  • Suspenders
  • Gir sweater (not AC, but from here)

And getting closer to my own birthday, I’m contemplating getting more clothes…specifically some fashionable clothes, like ninestyle stuff.

Mori: So your plan was to make me look as normal looking as possible? -_-

Well, seeing how you just hitchhiked here from Chicago and doing small jobs here and there. I figured your clothes would be at best – Simple. Minimal. Neutral colors. So there would be easy mix and match. Which was why I wasn’t going to get anything too complicated/overly patterned…

~v~ For starters, I want a coat. Even if this is California and it never gets cold over here. I want a coat. Actually I want a couple of jackets…

Oh boy, what have I unleashed? (Or I could not buy anything at all and wait for the dream body to show itself on the marketplace – dollstown 15boy body, since DT stopped selling them T-T or one of the other alternatives I have on a list…Or just get myself a laptop…)

(.◕ A ◕.) No…clothes. For me. Also dress shoes, either in brown or black.

Oh right, got a bit off-track to what I was going to say. Alice Collections. Currently waiting on: I was planning on doing some iron-on transfers onto his underwear: a Batman logo. My sister has been complaining all this time to get him some underwear because when he bends over his booty shows and I gotta catch that none of his junk shows in public. “About time,” is her response. As long as I can fit those jeans over them, I don’t really care.

Also! New face up: After getting more of his face accidentally scratched up (I like touching his face and his hand likes to smack his own face sometimes), I thought a quick “dark” look was in order for the fall. Did this late in the day and into the night, which I wouldn’t recommend doing a face up at night unless you have one of those “daylight fluorescent bulbs” in order. I don’t like it much but I’ll keep it for now. I was attempting the antique look  but that ended up into this. Will fix the eyebrows when I got some free time.

The etsy nerd glasses finally came in…he’s really gone to the nerd side of life. T_T


Now that I’m looking at it from a distance, I finally noticed the leg was oddly longer (and position seemed weird too, too bent) than usual.

I didn’t say anything seeing how I would have to turn my head 180 degrees like an owl.

I should have really thought this through a little more, oh well, no skin off of my nose. I was going to just outline and be done with it but then using watercolor pencils wasn’t really working. I couldn’t really layer up the colors because it wouldn’t take the pencil. Maybe because it was super hot when I did this. (80 degrees for two days and now it’s cloudy.)

The hard part was painting her face and painting the bones, I scaled this image down 50% so some of the details were gone before I looked at the original again.

Thank you natzilla for letting us use your art.

She did what she could. *head meets floor*m(_  _)m

Geez don’t be a dramatic prude.

Only when it comes to relationships, not-safe-for-work pictures and comics. Everything else that comes to being a prude I’m all for it.


I feel like I should be put into a zombie movie with these hands

While it was raining about this time at night, I couldn’t do the tattoo and so instead went another route, manicure. But as things progressed it went downhill, or Silent Hill-ish really. Actually I was inspired by Conrad Roset’s drawings of chicks with almost red paint dripping down their fingers and then I thought it need more color *add some blues, purples, oh heck how about some green as well*

Clearly someone didn’t know when to stop and I’m freezing in here. It’s been raining all day and I still have no shirt or tattoo… -__-

Enough whining. I could have went with the “he got in a fight, he fell to the ground, grabbed a fist of dirt and threw it at the assailant” route with dirt in your fingernails but I didn’t.

It would of been more believable if you did. But no, it looks like I’ve been through Deadspace gouging peoples eyes out, not that I mind fighting, envisioning doing that with my thumbs…that’s just not my style and sounds like what a woman would do.  Is this going to be a reoccurring thing? Horror make-up?

No, I thought it’d look cool…Imagine if I did your whole body, it’d look perfect for Halloween.

But you never get my face right. You know these are magic, and you’re messing up the magic I could do on a piano. You think someone would hire me with these hands? I don’t think so.

Anyways, Moody, I’ll try to refrain myself from going Fight Club all over your face or hands. I don’t want to be seen as a violent person.

Uh huh, so going off-topic about Mori Girls.

Yes, it’s not his fanclub. It’s a fashion style/life style. It’s what a girl would wear if she lived in the forest.

“Mori Girl likes loose dresses and skirts, seldom wears trousers…wears A-line skirts and dresses, likes the style of little children, has a taste for dresses or blouses which look like smocks…likes fur, knitwear, fluffy hats and ear-muffs…likes old things…leggings or tights, basic round-toed flat shoes…likes fairy tales, with loose hair. The Mori Girl isn’t a Lolita, but is girly. Her favourite shops are old-fashioned general stores. Furniture shops and handmade things excite her.”

Very cute. I imagine Mori Girls would love to visit Oregon or Upper California. Or any woodsy places. Maybe the new girl would be into this.

And I’m associated to all of that. Swell, my name brings all the girls to the yard and I don’t have any hand sanitizer to shake their hands. *throws his hands in the air and shakes*

Face up 2.0

After a few weeks of this plain (really plain) face up, I got the courage to put the pictures up for critique in DOA. I should have expected the bad, well they weren’t bad, reviews. Someone said if I needed to layer, then layer, layering is good, layer until you’re happy with the face.

Even gave me a link to their tutorial. Timchener’s face up tutorial

Today, I looked at Mori’s face up, and thought ‘yeah, suppose he could get more color to his life.’

Blushed the eyebrows, eyelids, even added some purple eyeshadow that he’s going moody all over it, and really put the scarlet red on his lips.

Can you see the difference?

Face 1.0

Guess how many layers I did.

He really appeared to match the pink dollmore body more with all that blush. But I’m not keeping him shirtless for too long.

The clothes I bought have just went into shipment. 🙂

First face up, of the new year, of the rabbit, of 2011, at 3:34PM

A few people had recommended Tamiya as one of the good alternatives to Mr. Super Clear (I almost forgot all about that guy). $7 for one Tamiya sealer, TS-80 flat coat, is worth the price. You really got to spray outside though because once you start spraying you can see the spray cloud stay in the air for awhile so have plenty of ventilation, masks, and oxygen and do it outside. I need to follow my own advice at some point.

It felt more…I don’t know the words to describe “smooth, didn’t have that grit, and wasn’t shiny” plus it dried a thousand times more quicker than Model Master. Though being that it “didn’t have that grit”  meant it wouldn’t take much of color = More layers. UGH.  😡

And I for one like to do everything at one go (Average of 4 or 5 layers). 2 layers + 1 layer for blush + 1 layer for more blush and hair stuff + 1 layer = Done usually in a day if no ones home. Of course, I always go a little spray crazy when it comes to the first seal.

So I was surprised when after I sealed, what I thought was a heavy amount of colors, the color wasn’t popping like it should. What happened to all that blush that went around his head?! 😥 That’s fine, how quick it coats the head and the dry time makes you want to layer more. It was really good when I started messing up the eyebrows as usual and the paint didn’t leave any marks! OMG, that means Model Master was the sh*t, as in the not good sh*t, it left marks everywhere even with the pastels I would erase some blush on the eyelids and it wouldn’t go away. I’m glad I bought two cans and can throw that failure out of here. He has that ‘lost in his own world’ look when turned to the side, ah that’s Mo-san.

Yep, this is my station. *Looks down* Thanks knees, you’ve been the best desk so far. That’s all I’m working with here, with a few paint tubes and Tamiya out of the picture. I stopped taking out the whole tray of pastels when it’s easier to just take colors through the gaps. Plus when I scraped them with a knife, I didn’t really use all of it, seriously such a waste and I’m only mixing 6 kinds of pink. I find it easier to just brush on each color. Less waste. These will last forever.

I think things are starting to become more routine now besides how frequently I do his face ups. I was looking at him after the first layer and thought something was missing from this blank face but what? And oh, yes, how could I forget, beauty marks…

The sanding helped, currently no chipping anywhere near his nose. Yay! On the track of improvement ’cause I’m loving them eyebrows. I should really make a time-line of my progress.

So that I can put a gold star on it? Girl, you are not in 1st grade.

Ha I know. I’ll put more blush on later. And you know things happen…

Somehow, in some way not specified, apparent, or known,  a piano falls on Mori like the witch and Dorothy’s house in Wizard of Oz.