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Search “doll” and “thing” and maybe you might find us

I’m still kind of learning how to use the dashboard, *has just discovered the My Comments section -slaps forehead-*
Also discovered the random search feature, where people google/yahoo things and end up in a place they didn’t expect, ie My Blog. There was some “Okay I get why they would click my link” and then “HOW DOES THAT CORRELATE TO MY BLOG?’

*snickers in the background* It’s funny to see yet kind of sad.

I don’t even think we ever used the words ‘gay’ or ‘yaoi’ up until this very sentence.

What with your bad memory and all.

Here’s some of the Search terms, the bolded ones are either funny/”How did you get here?” confused/cute/ or mental rage.

switch uhui 8
supia doll 6
crobidoll ys 6
beyours amber 6
crobidolls 5
so-nyeon-gi ryun 4
crobidoll ys type a 4
making silicone dolls blog 3
bjd lips 3
it’s a doll thing 3
images of youth dollmor dolls 2
sculpt pretty face 2
scary doll halloween costumes 2
bjd “cross dress” -denofangels 2
cute sd doll wallpaper 2
silicone doll demonstration 2
bjd crossdress 2
so nyeon gi ryun 2
“beyours” bjd 2
ich mag dieses 2
yaoi bjd dolls 2
male bjd face 2
soom nephelin 2
so-nyeon-gi yujin 2
t3t 1
leekeworld kyou 1
wordpress kiwae 1
doll eyebrows 1
bjd doll gay 1
ryun (white skin) 1
domuya fin bjd for sale 1
forum on jauctions 1
sexy jointed doll 1
jauctions forum 1
leekeworld “misty gray” 1
10 most beautiful dolls 1
sng ryun 1
beyours amber bjd 1
supia rosy 1
forum jauctions 1
4dentertainment manga 1
ugly faces with messed up eye 1
instructions on how to attache a vynil face on a doll 1

Apparently I need to be more careful cause now people will be expecting yaoi, gay, and cross-dressing boys with ugly faces and messed up eyes.

*cracks up* Do I really crossdress that much? I have what? That peacock bathing suit and that long gray shirt? And I’ve yet to state my ambiguous preference…or is it that apparent? You didn’t think taking all of those pictures, people would assume I was forced into it?

… STILL. “Ugly faces with messed up eye” made me rage. Messed up eye…I’ll give then a messed up eye alright.

You’re right.

And you did.

To me.

Shaddup, I’m trying to protect your pride. Integrity. Whatever that word is that I’m thinking about!

Husband material and Ralphs

Reasons why I’m not the marrying type:

#1: I’m not husband material.

I’m irresponsible. Lazy. I like to talk back at the tv. I eat constantly, will probably eat house and home if I was in a gingerbread house. I may be the gentleman for all the internet to see but at home there’s no “please” or “thanks” maybe a “hmm” or “That’s god awful” but that’s it.

And I’m not going to lie, I’m a bit of a womanizer or manizer, whatever you call it, I like to stare at people. Not R rated stuff just “oh she has nice hands” or “He has a cool jacket, wonder where I could get that? Maybe there’s something on doa, or something better on streetpeeper, or GQ…I wonder if Jason Stathom would wear this?…” which then leads me to other random thoughts.

Can you  tell I’m not the settling down type yet? I’m gonna be like that old dude, Clooney.

Sometimes I don’t want to see anyone for days. I can be up different hours of the day or stay awake for days and sleep the same amount. I’ve become a bit of a recluse now.

And I heard somewhere that ‘A spouse is difficult, a child is troublesome, and children is impossible when it comes to wanting to do your own thing.’ A nice little trap you get yourself into…willingly! I don’t do contracts! Even if it was one of those domestics/open/poly stuff, the fact that I know and you know…will make me uneasy. That and I don’t separate my clothes when I do laundry. I let the water run when I wash dishes. I know there are other negatives to this whole thing but can’t think of them at the moment.

This wasn’t intended to be a list of my activities. Let’s just say the only romantic relationship I’m ever going to be in is my mistress. (Her name is le grande piano)

Actually I think this whole thing is nullified because we’re both underaged and I hugged someone else today who was even younger than you Machi…phew now I don’t have to bring out any bricks (someone told me a brick would help and don’t know how it would)

And with that, I’ll end this part with a song…Delicate by Damien Rice Okay let’s go to Ralphs…this is making me hungry.

Boy Mosan you should go to law school with that argument.

I’m never going back to school. There are many people who are successful without degrees. Look at Charles Schulz, the creator of Charlie Brown, he wasn’t very good in school (An E in Arithmetic, the worst grade) and he’s done pretty good for himself. I don’t want to think about how art students need degrees, ridiculous.

Okay ^^;  So I finally got bored enough to start snipping off pieces of my sister’s old shirt. I only cut off both sleeves halfway so she could still wear it if she decides to go against my rule of “no buying shirts in gray anymore.”

The sleeves turned out to be longer and looser than I expected and the bottom seemed to get longer and longer… I should really start measuring these things. But we now have a regular shirt that I can make long for a pajama look or tuck it in. Or attach things to it because I thought there was too much gray.

Mori, my sister, and I made a quick trip to Ralphs for some snacks.

Snacks being a relative term.

Okay, I wouldn’t choose cottage cheese as a snack choice but I wanted it anyway. We left the animal crackers and the Dreyers was my sisters but you got the point that we were stocking up. Not for the Super Bowl either; there were many people at Ralphs so busy that no one noticed Mosan. Don’t care. I’m trying to open this bag of cookies. It’s been cold lately, a lot lately, oh groundhog, will it also be cold during the California Strawberry Festival? Because I’m thinking of bringing Mori along.

Many different styles all in one, how handy

Tucked in, the best sewn shirt so far

An optional accessory...bleh

This heart looks better, if I was a girl called Mari

As you can see, I can eat more than my weight or size in snacks alone

They have delivered the goods

Monday, January 31: I received the sexy boots. Mori is in love with them.

Damn these are hot. I could be a shoe model if stores sold these type of shoes.

I’m glad the heels weren’t too thick, platform boots are not our cup of tea. Why are there so many around? Oh right. Lolitas and j-rock.

The other two items are still traveling. D: Where are you outfit? Lost at sea?

I’ve just messaged BeYours a few questions yesterday and received their answers today.

They do accept paypal. The EMS shipping to the US is $70. The face-up costs $50 for either “bright colored” or “normal.” The doll head and body costs $340 together.

I was planning for them to do a face-up, a customized one for $50, but now I think I’ll do it myself. I love the normal face up for the girl Amber but just move the eyebrows to be more concentrated and less smiling then I’d pay $50. But I could use the practice.

The full doll is a body, a head, and a pair of eyes.

So between now and when I have the money, if they put up the Amber head up for sale anytime soon, then I’m going with that and just buy a different body. If the head isn’t available, I’ll get the full doll; I’ve been looking at the body more and I don’t really mind how the knee joints look. Mori’s Dollmore Youth body has the same look on the elbows as the BeYours elbows. BeYours knees is the same as the elbows. She’s kind of tall for a SD girl 60.5cm whereas the others I’ve seen are 58cm. If I’m not too chicken, I’d sand her chest down, not too much, I just want them small.