This is the place for any doll-related links outside the marketplace or any other links you might like to check out.

Doll things

Mori’s Facebook – Letting everyone be friends with him cause he needs it. Updates and more pictures here. You may totally stalk him. But he’s busy with life. Or just see the photos he puts up.

Flickr – Mori’s album and other pictures. I don’t update this as much.

BJDcollectasy – Articles, lots of different bjd updates, has almost all doll companies links and shop links.

DD-Anne’s Handmade Eyes – This is where I got my imperfect eyes, hey everyone’s imperfect.

For My Doll – Wigs, they have a great selection, reviews, different colors too! I haven’t gotten anything yet but soon I will be.

So-nyeon-gi now called SWITCH : The company that made me want Mori, has a new name and better looking stuff. But they’re always sold out so gotta catch them quick.

Taobao shops (the Chinese ebay, great clothes, a lot of fake dolls here so make sure to check if the shop is legit, if you know someone that can translate you can ask if the seller can ship internationally and use western union- agent might be needed like taobaotrends or taobaobuying, also make sure it’s worth it when calculating the cost + shipping to agent+shipping to you) Actually, research, research, research (this is the only studying I like) Ranking marks: Diamonds and Crowns, are good sellers but still check.

Greentime – Clothes

BeYours – Dolls (Amber is cute, both girl/boy versions)

Fashion and Inspiration things

The Sartorialist

Burda Style

Street Peeper


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