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So before I show you what he looks like currently, let’s see a previous owner pics.



After, this is after I finished making that blond wig.



His orange wig came along with him that would never be used and thought ‘I could make something out of this.’ So, at the time, as a poor college student, I used the trusty bjd diy hack of colouring a wig with a sharpie. The results turned out better than expected because I wanted to see if the hairstyle I wanted could be attempted.



The mohawk look works, the fibers are a bit stiff though. If only I could do a fade too…

Some new alternative fibers came in today, because goat hair is pretty pricey by the HALF OUNCE (and as all of this wig making biz is trial by error, I need extra when I do fuck up), so wanted to try some new cheaper stuff. Hope the results are good, I hear some good stuff about one I got. You’ll see my progress when HeeAh comes in. New doll, new noggin to work with.

edited: the photos didn’t work.