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Today is someone’s birthday

Mori Evans arrived today, two years ago, at 4 or 5 o’clock pm. I specifically remember 5:08pm, possibly because that’s when I said, after I already opened the box with oohs and aahs, “Oh snap, I need to write what time he got here!” and so that’s when it became official.

Today, I finished making his jacket. It is…alright for a beginner, I can see why clothes are so expensive now. He has to be shirtless to make it look like it fits.

I’ll accept this for now. I’ll wear it around the house like I’m Hugh Hefner. No ladies required, though the length in the arms isn’t exactly covering up my wrists…

*head meets floor in apology* Gomen-sai Mo-san. I just wanted you to look cool.

With a good nights rest, in the morning, he listened to his playlist of lounge music while I finished figuring out how to sew on the collar. Then it was picture time.

And because The Mosaic BJD put this particular prompt today, I just had to answer it.

*Today* is your character’s ‘birthday’.

I put Birthday in quotes, so that people whose dolls represent alien characters can go by whatever the term Birthday is seen as.

Does your character like growing another year older, or lament it? How do they treat today? Do they have some kind of party; and if so, what kind? Do they celebrate with friends? Do they celebrate at all?

He doesn’t mind his birthday but finds it a pain in the butt to be reminded that he’s another year older.18 years of living! I can start buying my own cigarettes now without my friend giving me his. But now I have to start asking people’s ages just so I can either

a) start hitting on them


b) walk away before the pedo-police come to arrest me.


What he’d like to do is for everyone and himself to forget about it. Birthdays aren’t a big deal for him but likes the feeling of getting together for someone’s special day.

What he does expects on his day is a “pleasant morning” listening to his playlist of jazz/lounge music and doing whatever he wants with nobody nagging at him.

We managed to complete that with no problems.

Usually there’s no party planned out and he’ll go out and play some music with some old friends of his dad’s.

This will eventually lead to eating at a favorite restaurant. Everyone will be handing him under the table (he just turned 18 today) drinks and sloshing it around and singing him the drunk version of happy birthday.

Sometimes Mari comes out, thank god she only came out without my friends watching. You had to show drunken photos of me?

So people would know how you are when you’re drunk…

I’m silly, wiggly, and sing off-key on purpose. Even friendlier or shall we say randy. So if you don’t want me to cop a feel on you…best get out of my line of sight. 😀

I will promptly get smashed tonight, it’s my duty don’t you think? Being my birthday and all.

Almost forgot.

A practice piece.

This is from the manga Beauty is the Beast.