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The new girl is here.

As I stared and repeatedly refreshed the usps tracking button, she came…right when I had to go to work, I got the text.

Delivered. (WITHOUT ME THERE, woe was I.)

Counting down the hours till I clocked out.

Denying to cover another’s no show shift.

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As if I need Mo’ time

Hmm. Do a post myself? Alright, I can do that. Err, hello netizens, it has certainly been a long time since I…posted my whereabouts? Commented on anything? Ugh, thought this was going to go better in my head. >.<

So! What have I been up to? (Besides being an overzealous sleeper, reading webcomics, almost becoming a hikikomori, and looking at the mythical animal figurines at Michaels)

Its been really heating up here lately (new faceup), my wrist snapped in half again (No arm cast this time, I have a spare wrist on), my hair’s been getting kind of long (new wig), and her sister was commenting on why I didn’t have any shorter haircuts. I definitely agreed with her. This weekend, hair was flying all over the place but she managed to cut it short and boyish or as she likes to call it “kpop-py.” Her sister approves.

I’m also trying to get her to read my mind about using the “New Girl Funds” and buying clothes for me, the Vulcan Mind trick is starting to work and now she’s asking her sister (who doesn’t really like me) if she should do it. That chicka sometimes…

Oh yes...

Look what I have

"Yo, check yourself!" This happened a lot in my old neighborhood

It even lights up and makes a laser sound. *Pew pew*

And then a brilliant idea came to me. Since I don’t get much stuff, cool stuff, awesome stuff, to put in my inventory, we’re (mostly her) working on making something. Hee.

Hur hur hur

She's finally putting all that clay to good use and making me a mask

It’s still in the work-in-progress stages but I’ll be giving her dirty looks every time she has free time to finish my gas mask. I haven’t decided if it should be plain Jane or have some type of animal into it. (I really want a scary animal). I also want horns, lights flashing, and smoke coming out of it but I know she’s not that savvy. She’s telling me not to touch it either because it might “hurt” me and “lower my body’s value” if I outgrow myself. Hah.

Okay, gotta run back to Michaels for more FIMO *waves*

Today is someone’s birthday

Mori Evans arrived today, two years ago, at 4 or 5 o’clock pm. I specifically remember 5:08pm, possibly because that’s when I said, after I already opened the box with oohs and aahs, “Oh snap, I need to write what time he got here!” and so that’s when it became official.

Today, I finished making his jacket. It is…alright for a beginner, I can see why clothes are so expensive now. He has to be shirtless to make it look like it fits.

I’ll accept this for now. I’ll wear it around the house like I’m Hugh Hefner. No ladies required, though the length in the arms isn’t exactly covering up my wrists…

*head meets floor in apology* Gomen-sai Mo-san. I just wanted you to look cool.

With a good nights rest, in the morning, he listened to his playlist of lounge music while I finished figuring out how to sew on the collar. Then it was picture time.

And because The Mosaic BJD put this particular prompt today, I just had to answer it.

*Today* is your character’s ‘birthday’.

I put Birthday in quotes, so that people whose dolls represent alien characters can go by whatever the term Birthday is seen as.

Does your character like growing another year older, or lament it? How do they treat today? Do they have some kind of party; and if so, what kind? Do they celebrate with friends? Do they celebrate at all?

He doesn’t mind his birthday but finds it a pain in the butt to be reminded that he’s another year older.18 years of living! I can start buying my own cigarettes now without my friend giving me his. But now I have to start asking people’s ages just so I can either

a) start hitting on them


b) walk away before the pedo-police come to arrest me.


What he’d like to do is for everyone and himself to forget about it. Birthdays aren’t a big deal for him but likes the feeling of getting together for someone’s special day.

What he does expects on his day is a “pleasant morning” listening to his playlist of jazz/lounge music and doing whatever he wants with nobody nagging at him.

We managed to complete that with no problems.

Usually there’s no party planned out and he’ll go out and play some music with some old friends of his dad’s.

This will eventually lead to eating at a favorite restaurant. Everyone will be handing him under the table (he just turned 18 today) drinks and sloshing it around and singing him the drunk version of happy birthday.

Sometimes Mari comes out, thank god she only came out without my friends watching. You had to show drunken photos of me?

So people would know how you are when you’re drunk…

I’m silly, wiggly, and sing off-key on purpose. Even friendlier or shall we say randy. So if you don’t want me to cop a feel on you…best get out of my line of sight. 😀

I will promptly get smashed tonight, it’s my duty don’t you think? Being my birthday and all.

Almost forgot.

A practice piece.

This is from the manga Beauty is the Beast.

The hairpiece makes a comeback

In the early hours of the morning, drinking ensued, and then IT came back.

Sup, I’m Mari!

With an A because I’m *snaps fingers around* Awww-right!

You feel me?


Don’t mind my legs, I’ve just left a zombie movie set where I was this young loli running around the forest and city with no pants or shoes on.

No worries, this pretty face never saw a scratch.

It was a blast, being a zombie executioner. A lot of yelling mostly.

Except the no pants deal. I need pants. Or at least some shorts. No one’s getting a peek up these legs.

This is now me checking off “Male doll cross-dressing” off of the list of Typical Male BJDs. You can now successfully relate cross-dressing to me.


Something outside today…
Notice anything different?
Besides deciding to blush your legs to go with your hands?
No. =3
The happy fulfilled look of going to McDonalds and eating french fries?
No but that’s not new.

Look into my eyes of a unknown hopeful love, a wistful love, reminiscing a certain person…Have you heard ‘The Look of Love’ ? *looks at you*
Okay, stop, I can’t stomach romantic talk unless it’s from My Best Friend’s Wedding. It’s the blue eyes, which I think with the right face-up would make it less creepy but hope this is temporary. But it goes well with the beanie.

Haha, yeah, I can be a sentimental poetic guy when I want. When was the last time you listened to “In a sentimental mood” by John Coltraine anyway?

Months kid, months.


I feel like I should be put into a zombie movie with these hands

While it was raining about this time at night, I couldn’t do the tattoo and so instead went another route, manicure. But as things progressed it went downhill, or Silent Hill-ish really. Actually I was inspired by Conrad Roset’s drawings of chicks with almost red paint dripping down their fingers and then I thought it need more color *add some blues, purples, oh heck how about some green as well*

Clearly someone didn’t know when to stop and I’m freezing in here. It’s been raining all day and I still have no shirt or tattoo… -__-

Enough whining. I could have went with the “he got in a fight, he fell to the ground, grabbed a fist of dirt and threw it at the assailant” route with dirt in your fingernails but I didn’t.

It would of been more believable if you did. But no, it looks like I’ve been through Deadspace gouging peoples eyes out, not that I mind fighting, envisioning doing that with my thumbs…that’s just not my style and sounds like what a woman would do.  Is this going to be a reoccurring thing? Horror make-up?

No, I thought it’d look cool…Imagine if I did your whole body, it’d look perfect for Halloween.

But you never get my face right. You know these are magic, and you’re messing up the magic I could do on a piano. You think someone would hire me with these hands? I don’t think so.

Anyways, Moody, I’ll try to refrain myself from going Fight Club all over your face or hands. I don’t want to be seen as a violent person.

Uh huh, so going off-topic about Mori Girls.

Yes, it’s not his fanclub. It’s a fashion style/life style. It’s what a girl would wear if she lived in the forest.

“Mori Girl likes loose dresses and skirts, seldom wears trousers…wears A-line skirts and dresses, likes the style of little children, has a taste for dresses or blouses which look like smocks…likes fur, knitwear, fluffy hats and ear-muffs…likes old things…leggings or tights, basic round-toed flat shoes…likes fairy tales, with loose hair. The Mori Girl isn’t a Lolita, but is girly. Her favourite shops are old-fashioned general stores. Furniture shops and handmade things excite her.”

Very cute. I imagine Mori Girls would love to visit Oregon or Upper California. Or any woodsy places. Maybe the new girl would be into this.

And I’m associated to all of that. Swell, my name brings all the girls to the yard and I don’t have any hand sanitizer to shake their hands. *throws his hands in the air and shakes*

Husband material and Ralphs

Reasons why I’m not the marrying type:

#1: I’m not husband material.

I’m irresponsible. Lazy. I like to talk back at the tv. I eat constantly, will probably eat house and home if I was in a gingerbread house. I may be the gentleman for all the internet to see but at home there’s no “please” or “thanks” maybe a “hmm” or “That’s god awful” but that’s it.

And I’m not going to lie, I’m a bit of a womanizer or manizer, whatever you call it, I like to stare at people. Not R rated stuff just “oh she has nice hands” or “He has a cool jacket, wonder where I could get that? Maybe there’s something on doa, or something better on streetpeeper, or GQ…I wonder if Jason Stathom would wear this?…” which then leads me to other random thoughts.

Can you  tell I’m not the settling down type yet? I’m gonna be like that old dude, Clooney.

Sometimes I don’t want to see anyone for days. I can be up different hours of the day or stay awake for days and sleep the same amount. I’ve become a bit of a recluse now.

And I heard somewhere that ‘A spouse is difficult, a child is troublesome, and children is impossible when it comes to wanting to do your own thing.’ A nice little trap you get yourself into…willingly! I don’t do contracts! Even if it was one of those domestics/open/poly stuff, the fact that I know and you know…will make me uneasy. That and I don’t separate my clothes when I do laundry. I let the water run when I wash dishes. I know there are other negatives to this whole thing but can’t think of them at the moment.

This wasn’t intended to be a list of my activities. Let’s just say the only romantic relationship I’m ever going to be in is my mistress. (Her name is le grande piano)

Actually I think this whole thing is nullified because we’re both underaged and I hugged someone else today who was even younger than you Machi…phew now I don’t have to bring out any bricks (someone told me a brick would help and don’t know how it would)

And with that, I’ll end this part with a song…Delicate by Damien Rice Okay let’s go to Ralphs…this is making me hungry.

Boy Mosan you should go to law school with that argument.

I’m never going back to school. There are many people who are successful without degrees. Look at Charles Schulz, the creator of Charlie Brown, he wasn’t very good in school (An E in Arithmetic, the worst grade) and he’s done pretty good for himself. I don’t want to think about how art students need degrees, ridiculous.

Okay ^^;  So I finally got bored enough to start snipping off pieces of my sister’s old shirt. I only cut off both sleeves halfway so she could still wear it if she decides to go against my rule of “no buying shirts in gray anymore.”

The sleeves turned out to be longer and looser than I expected and the bottom seemed to get longer and longer… I should really start measuring these things. But we now have a regular shirt that I can make long for a pajama look or tuck it in. Or attach things to it because I thought there was too much gray.

Mori, my sister, and I made a quick trip to Ralphs for some snacks.

Snacks being a relative term.

Okay, I wouldn’t choose cottage cheese as a snack choice but I wanted it anyway. We left the animal crackers and the Dreyers was my sisters but you got the point that we were stocking up. Not for the Super Bowl either; there were many people at Ralphs so busy that no one noticed Mosan. Don’t care. I’m trying to open this bag of cookies. It’s been cold lately, a lot lately, oh groundhog, will it also be cold during the California Strawberry Festival? Because I’m thinking of bringing Mori along.

Many different styles all in one, how handy

Tucked in, the best sewn shirt so far

An optional accessory...bleh

This heart looks better, if I was a girl called Mari

As you can see, I can eat more than my weight or size in snacks alone