boredom will get you

…in the weirdest places. Dentist tools, really? Now I better rethink what I’m doing…or continue on. Now while waiting and watching the doll funds go up and down like stock, I somehow landed myself into wanting to “make” my own bjd head. The Joint , forum for bjd sculpting artists, is a really nice place to visit and see everyone’s progress. And looking on youtube, there were a few videos of sculpting the ears, eyes, lips, etc. And so I race my butt to Michaels and get some sculpey, their tools aren’t that great (coming from a beginners mouth and all) I found my own crochet hooks were best until I hit a dead end. Continue reading

oh it’s already summer of 2010?

it's like seeing that baby for the first time and know he's yours

Ah yes, how did time pass by so quickly? Just to give you on the update, I was looking on the Doa marketplace and I found him, So-nyeon-gi (now called Switch) Ryun NS.

I paid, not going to fool you on the price, $215 for his head and $32 for the faceup. Here’s the first photo I saw him and knew I had to get him. So I managed to scrounge up some money and pay for him, he was shipped to a faceup artist starting out and came home March 30.

While waiting a mere 21 days, I was counting it down-thank goodness this was all in the US, I started on who he would be. And I immediately thought of the name Mori. Then wrote down all his info, age/bio/personality, likes and dislikes. Shoot, I got his background storyline thought out and I’m keeping it that way, even if it looks realistically lame. I suppose I gathered all my favorite characteristics from myself and (anime) characters, like a dork I am. I might put it up later once I get some clothes together.

Of course, pictures online look different when right in front of you so he turned out to be much more “happy” looking. Well amused is more like it, like “Oh, so you’re my new guardian now? Just swell,” sarcastically said.  But I think we were both happy with each other. Me more so than him.

So I got Mori Evans now, without a body, for a year now. That’s what college does to you, that doll fund becomes book funds, yes poor Mori but he never stops looking amused “What can you do if the folks can’t pay for them? Just use my funds. You will shower me with gifts once you got the money. I expect you to…I’m giving this to you with interest.” That’s Mori. I just hope that it doesn’t take another year to get that body; 21% in body funds now. My sister keeps saying “Just pick one already” and I have but a Dollstown 15boy body is way way into outer space price range so I settled on saving up on a luts delf body.

While I should be concentrating on the body, I can’t help but look to the future and getting him a friend. When I was first writing out his bio, I was also looking at SNG Javi as brother and Crobidoll Ys B type for a friend. For now I nixed the little brother and focused more on the playful but annoying friend named Hans, he would be like Musashi in Me and My Brothers, the European (German/Japanese?) fella that begins to cross dress and is on borderline of being gay yet not. I have a lot more material for Hans than I do Mori, like specific clothes and accessories for example, oh boy can’t wait to be broke on those commission prices. But hey I have plenty of stories with both of them, there’s one where Mori gets to wear a muscle suit -like those halloween costumes and in that one spongebob episode.

Hello BJD world!

Hey all, I suppose this blog will be dedicated to my newly found love for Ball Jointed Dolls (BJD for short).

Right now, I’m slowly saving up for my first doll. I’m super stoked yet super down since I’m only 11% on the way. But I’ll keep my spirits up by saying “you only need this much more. Don’t buy food. Don’t look at any easy recipes. Just save up for her!” And I will, just watch me. lol

Well anyways, besides the fact that I should be typing up my essay draft due tomorrow,

These are some of the items I want for my future girl. This is just a short list. There are just too many shops to list them all in my first post. haha

Another one from formydoll. Oh why cant I decide!? X3

Another one from formydoll. Oh why can't I decide!? X3


I do believe the hat came from lalatroop. Its so cute! :3

okay so this is one of wigs Id like to get my doll, but what color? XD

okay so this is one of wigs I'd like to get my doll, but what color? XD

Ein tag: Male BJDs

Before I decided to get my girl, (oh did I forget to show you what she looked like? I didn’t forget, I’ll hold up on her unbelievable cuteness for one more post. I couldn’t resist her looks and so she went on the top of my list), I was originally planning on getting a male doll because looking at all the shops the guys looked better to me.

Who I’d really love to have…!♥ Ein tag (One day)

T3T It sucks that hes limited and sold out. Hes like 3rd on my list.

T3T It sucks that he's limited and sold out. He's like 3rd on my list.

SNG only makes heads for now, basic head Ryun is also limited/sold out. I really love his look. I hope I can find him on ebay/Y!JAuctions one day. T_T

SNG only makes heads for now, basic head Ryun is also limited/sold out. I really love his look.

These two boys on my left I’d really love to have when I saw them on vier4d. Sadly I was like months too late to save up for them (poor babies). I couldn’t tell they were both Ryun and just different skin tones until I looked Ryun (white skin on the left). His red blush faceup caught my eye and yep they were twins. He didn’t grab my heart like Ryun (basic skin) did until I stared at his face some more. It was also a surprise that vier4D was only selling their heads, lol I thought I was getting a bargain getting body and head now I know heads are at least 100 and bodies $300+.

Well until I can find them again on ebay/marketplace/Y!JAuctions, I need to find some bodies for them (if I manage to get both of them *crosses fingers* (x >.< x ). Vier4D is the seller of Ryun, So-nyeon-gi makes Ryun; like the guy who sells the food and the farmer. Also forgot to mention, So-nyeon-gi’s website, they’re currently getting ready to pull out a new head called Hyul. The site even has a movie to go with the characters, the music got to me and even though the captions were in Korean I didn’t mind I could pretty much tell what the plot was about, I kind of got emotional just watching Hyul’s movie. You guys should check them out. Their heads can be used for both males and females.

Info on the rare (to me) Ryun: He’s for 60cm bodies, compatible with “Volks 13/17 SD Boy, Custom house AI new body Boy, Luts Senior Delf Boy…”

I spotted the Volks SD17 body on another owners bjd with a Volks F-38 head (his beauty marks made him irresistable and gives him a whole new depth of character) and boy that’s some long legs right there. Volks SD17 is just a couple cm more than SD16s. I’m planning to go to the Volks store in LA one of these days just to see what they have. I’ve seen some pictures and it appears they’re doing pretty well only opening on the weekends.

Im really in love with him and I love his faceup

I'm really in love with him and I love his faceup

This here is “Ys B type” from Crobidolls. I still haven’t figured out the mystery to his name but whose to complain when he’s trying to capture your heart? He did with mine. ^o^ He too also has a twin, “Ys A Type,” he has normal skin tone. Ys B has white skin tone. I really like how Crobidoll artists do faceups. He’s a regular sized bjd, about 65-66 cm.

I’m going to have to figure out how the Yahoo!Japan Auctions work, it’s like a maze in there going by yourself. lol. But yeah, I need like a host to buy my stuff because some sellers only sell in their country only and that you can find your rare items on there anyway. It’s Japan what couldn’t you find there? lol.

Actually the first male I spotted when I was (okay still am) getting into BJDs was on Leekeworld. Kyou was the first one that I liked. But now I only like his head, I don’t know there’s something about the body that wasn’t digging to me to me. He looked kind of skinny to me, that was it.

On my late night wanderings, I did find a muscular body that I’m considering on putting on the Wanted List. It’s a Domuya D1 Flexi Perennial body, if you’re into life drawings involving nekkid guys, then Flexi is the perfect model for you! If you want to draw something less muscle-y but still can see some muscles they also have that as well. I’m not for the drawing but I do like to see muscley guys dressed up in suits or flowing open shirts or something like that lol. Sorry I read too many romance novels. I haven’t seen any reviews or pics or anything about the body on DOA yet. Guess I’ll have to ask the forum myself then.

Until the next post…where you’ll see the one I’m saving up for *squeels*

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