Still waiting…and more window shopping

for that Alice Collections shipment to start shipping. Just contacted them and they should be done making the stuff in a week so *crosses fingers*

I finally managed to stop looking at other dolls to get more stuff for Mori. (Because I still haven’t decided to get Amber or a HeeAh or the new Beyours doll that came out, or not…)

  • Wig Cap
  • Jeans
  • Underwear
  • Suspenders
  • Gir sweater (not AC, but from here)

And getting closer to my own birthday, I’m contemplating getting more clothes…specifically some fashionable clothes, like ninestyle stuff.

Mori: So your plan was to make me look as normal looking as possible? -_-

Well, seeing how you just hitchhiked here from Chicago and doing small jobs here and there. I figured your clothes would be at best – Simple. Minimal. Neutral colors. So there would be easy mix and match. Which was why I wasn’t going to get anything too complicated/overly patterned…

~v~ For starters, I want a coat. Even if this is California and it never gets cold over here. I want a coat. Actually I want a couple of jackets…

Oh boy, what have I unleashed? (Or I could not buy anything at all and wait for the dream body to show itself on the marketplace – dollstown 15boy body, since DT stopped selling them T-T or one of the other alternatives I have on a list…Or just get myself a laptop…)

(.◕ A ◕.) No…clothes. For me. Also dress shoes, either in brown or black.

Oh right, got a bit off-track to what I was going to say. Alice Collections. Currently waiting on: I was planning on doing some iron-on transfers onto his underwear: a Batman logo. My sister has been complaining all this time to get him some underwear because when he bends over his booty shows and I gotta catch that none of his junk shows in public. “About time,” is her response. As long as I can fit those jeans over them, I don’t really care.

Also! New face up: After getting more of his face accidentally scratched up (I like touching his face and his hand likes to smack his own face sometimes), I thought a quick “dark” look was in order for the fall. Did this late in the day and into the night, which I wouldn’t recommend doing a face up at night unless you have one of those “daylight fluorescent bulbs” in order. I don’t like it much but I’ll keep it for now. I was attempting the antique look  but that ended up into this. Will fix the eyebrows when I got some free time.

The etsy nerd glasses finally came in…he’s really gone to the nerd side of life. T_T

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