and through the woods…

For the past three or so weeks, kiwae’s been catching up on her goal to read a hundred books this year and I’ve been catchin’ up on sleep and my wanderlust.

I also received some nice stuff from surprisingly Party City. Composition books, wrist bands, that paint set and especially all that candy I can fit in my bags. You haven’t seen how much I can fit in my doggy bag.

Not lost in the woods completely


Something moved…Glad its not dark yet because I have no one to act like the screaming queen.

I’m not scared sample tests

Pretty much my whole thought using was “Lalala, don’t know what I’m doing! Trying to figure out all these style prints :D”

(Going off reference because its less thinking on my part photo…Outline first in ms paint and then copy pasted into Those boots…kind of want) Still figuring how the layers work (Can’t see new lines on layer 1 without drawing/erasing on layer 3, thought it would be on “multiply” setting or something)

… And since there’s no other excuses to not put these up, guess I can show you the rest. She wanted me to do some uniform-wearing school theme.

Slowly getting the hang of layering, though it be a pain.
Remember when you bought a coloring book and before coloring inside the lines you think to yourself “I’m totally going to make this look good!” and then after coloring you think “Oh Buddha, this looked better NOT colored!” Yeah, always thinking that.

Before (just look at Machi)

(I won’t tell you how easy it is to draw Machi while I take all night figuring my own sorry mug’s look. And the hands, don’t look)


All this theme is doing is making me want to draw a whole classroom of friends…

gonna need reference and loads of time stalking/staring at friends faces


I’m not a huge fan of photoshop, I’m utterly lazy to learn how to use it, and find it way too much work for the sketching I do. (Because everyone that asks for art on the internet are absolutely gaga over nice photoshop-like art and totally unthankful when given anything in pencil, on lined paper, scanned. Have to give love to the pencil.)

And it’s only sketches, which is why I love ms paint. Tons of long hours into the night of zooming in, erasing gray lines, and picking the right color and stuff. I usually end up finishing by sunlight (shows how long I take if to draw)

If you told me to use photoshop, then expect it to be all colored and shaded and all that jazz, but ugh gonna need incentives because I take a couple of days on PS (10 piece chicken mcnuggets meal and 2 berry pies plz, sweet and sour sauce only, the best flavor ever when Disney’s Tarzan came out). I’ll stick to mastering the old version of paint.

In response to Machi’s question, not a huge fan of PDA but if no one’s looking then I might…

Resisted getting too ‘excited’ drawing this out on Easy Toon. ( =//u//=) *slinks away*


DIY: Doll Headbands With Ears

What you need:
4 Paperclips (or Pipe cleaners!)
Hot glue gun
Needle/thread, sewing machine
Construction paper
Marker, chalk, pencil, etc
Measuring tape (opt)
Stuffing (opt)

Thinking of other alternatives, pipe cleaners would be easier for bending and that means you could make bigger ears. Or attempt this with furry fabric or felt. Stuffing could be quilt/teddy bear stuffing, cotton balls, or even leftover (throwaway) fabric. I was just using things I had on hand, I hope I didn’t make this sound too complicated. Continue reading

The “I’m sorry if you’ve thought I’m avoiding you because I was just too lazy to strike up a conversation” gift

Sup again, I know I haven’t been around much but if the weather’s good -specifically when it’s raining or overcast- that’s my cue to sleep and living so close to the coast, the clouds just love hanging around the area, I’ve been catching up on tons of sleep, been getting lost in a napception (when you wake up from a nap and you’re still tired so you take a nap again) lately so once the weather is “nice” (anything below 60) I’m up and about.

And as an apology to Machi (-w-), (Yush, the picture stayed in high quality for once) Okays, I’m.justgoingbacktobeingatree.quiet.

There’s a voice in my head

And that voice is supposed to be Mori’s voice.

(Hey quit talking about me like I’m not right behind you)

Sometimes it changes to a younger voice and sometimes it goes back to the voice I specifically chose for him. I picked two voices that I’m pretty happy with, the first was just a quick pick when everyone was talking about voices then and there but it was in another language and I wanted someone speaking English so it can get through my head. The second voice I think is the closest matching his personality; his face-up sadly doesn’t match the voice but that’s all my lack of faceup awesomeness.

It’s not like I’m using telepathy here. Why are you not making my stuff right now? You’re plenty free.

*Ignores* When I was choosing a voice, I thought of those typical stoic Japanese high-schooler’s voice in those animes that could be easily mistaken for another character because the voice could be from anyone. I made him as nearly a normal person I could make, with a few odd things to “like.”

Hey ;_; come on~ Pay attention to me…

I was racking my brain for about a week on every character I’ve seen, every voice actor I’ve heard (shocked that Christian Bale is the voice of Howl from Howl’s Moving Castle), any actor that fits Mori’s profile. And then one night, someone rented some movies from Blockbuster and they got the latest Resident Evil movie.

I didn’t think about it until later but Wentworth Miller, the younger brother I believe from Prison Break, is totally Him! Yeppers, that is the voice. Which is now Mori’s voice. Nevermind the good looks combining with the body…*dreams on about Wentworth, big fan now*

This is supposed to be about me remember!?

Alright, that’s about it. I just wanted to further solidify Mori.

Updated: July 27, 2011

Actually I might have found a better voice. Andrew Francis, voice actor for Chiaki from The Girl Who Leapt Thru Time. Currently can’t find a youtube video with him speaking but the movie was pretty good. Hmm. Wentworth prepare for your rival.


As if I need Mo’ time

Hmm. Do a post myself? Alright, I can do that. Err, hello netizens, it has certainly been a long time since I…posted my whereabouts? Commented on anything? Ugh, thought this was going to go better in my head. >.<

So! What have I been up to? (Besides being an overzealous sleeper, reading webcomics, almost becoming a hikikomori, and looking at the mythical animal figurines at Michaels)

Its been really heating up here lately (new faceup), my wrist snapped in half again (No arm cast this time, I have a spare wrist on), my hair’s been getting kind of long (new wig), and her sister was commenting on why I didn’t have any shorter haircuts. I definitely agreed with her. This weekend, hair was flying all over the place but she managed to cut it short and boyish or as she likes to call it “kpop-py.” Her sister approves.

I’m also trying to get her to read my mind about using the “New Girl Funds” and buying clothes for me, the Vulcan Mind trick is starting to work and now she’s asking her sister (who doesn’t really like me) if she should do it. That chicka sometimes…

Oh yes...

Look what I have

"Yo, check yourself!" This happened a lot in my old neighborhood

It even lights up and makes a laser sound. *Pew pew*

And then a brilliant idea came to me. Since I don’t get much stuff, cool stuff, awesome stuff, to put in my inventory, we’re (mostly her) working on making something. Hee.

Hur hur hur

She's finally putting all that clay to good use and making me a mask

It’s still in the work-in-progress stages but I’ll be giving her dirty looks every time she has free time to finish my gas mask. I haven’t decided if it should be plain Jane or have some type of animal into it. (I really want a scary animal). I also want horns, lights flashing, and smoke coming out of it but I know she’s not that savvy. She’s telling me not to touch it either because it might “hurt” me and “lower my body’s value” if I outgrow myself. Hah.

Okay, gotta run back to Michaels for more FIMO *waves*