sample tests

Pretty much my whole thought using was “Lalala, don’t know what I’m doing! Trying to figure out all these style prints :D”

(Going off reference because its less thinking on my part photo…Outline first in ms paint and then copy pasted into Those boots…kind of want) Still figuring how the layers work (Can’t see new lines on layer 1 without drawing/erasing on layer 3, thought it would be on “multiply” setting or something)

… And since there’s no other excuses to not put these up, guess I can show you the rest. She wanted me to do some uniform-wearing school theme.

Slowly getting the hang of layering, though it be a pain.
Remember when you bought a coloring book and before coloring inside the lines you think to yourself “I’m totally going to make this look good!” and then after coloring you think “Oh Buddha, this looked better NOT colored!” Yeah, always thinking that.

Before (just look at Machi)

(I won’t tell you how easy it is to draw Machi while I take all night figuring my own sorry mug’s look. And the hands, don’t look)


All this theme is doing is making me want to draw a whole classroom of friends…

gonna need reference and loads of time stalking/staring at friends faces

  1. I can neeeever figure out how to digitalize art… I’m lazy and I give up too easily. xD But these pictures are adorable, truly! I love how you’ve captured Machi; he’s perfect, and Mori is simply sweet.

    MACHI: Awwww, look how much taller you are than me! You’re like a big strong prince and I’m like a tiny little itty bitty muffin cradled in your arms!!! A classroom of friends would be AWESOME. Ooh, ooh, Mom can cough up some random classmates!!

    (Lots of pressure, Machi. xD)

  2. Not sure offhand why there’s an issue with the layers. The only thing I can think of is that the higher level is full color. (with no checker pattern showing). Multiply mode should take care of that though =/

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