I’m not a huge fan of photoshop, I’m utterly lazy to learn how to use it, and find it way too much work for the sketching I do. (Because everyone that asks for art on the internet are absolutely gaga over nice photoshop-like art and totally unthankful when given anything in pencil, on lined paper, scanned. Have to give love to the pencil.)

And it’s only sketches, which is why I love ms paint. Tons of long hours into the night of zooming in, erasing gray lines, and picking the right color and stuff. I usually end up finishing by sunlight (shows how long I take if to draw)

If you told me to use photoshop, then expect it to be all colored and shaded and all that jazz, but ugh gonna need incentives because I take a couple of days on PS (10 piece chicken mcnuggets meal and 2 berry pies plz, sweet and sour sauce only, the best flavor ever when Disney’s Tarzan came out). I’ll stick to mastering the old version of paint.

In response to Machi’s question, not a huge fan of PDA but if no one’s looking then I might…

Resisted getting too ‘excited’ drawing this out on Easy Toon. ( =//u//=) *slinks away*


    • kiwae
    • May 4th, 2011

    M: Thankies, and don’t get too caught up in it its only like 40 frames and it gets more shoddier by the end just out of pure ‘ok this is taking too long *scribbles everywhere* le done.’

    Is that what the style is called? Pixel art it is then. Free? *Checks it out* looks easy enough, we’ll have to test it out this week.

  1. MACHI: Oh… my… GOOOOD, I looooove you, Mo-chan!!!! *Glomp* The only day I was ever this happy was… well… NEVER! Omigooooood, you’re the sweetest EVER. I’ve been watching that animation for the past seven minutes, and I’m not about to stop. 🙂 *Trademark squee* (Feel free to join me in the squee-ing.)

    (This is beautiful! I personally love pencil, and I’ve never really digitalized my art before. However, I do have, and I’ll agree that it’s pretty nice software. Yup, it’s 100% free.)

  2. That is so adorable! Your art reminds me a lot of those old pixel dolls that were uber popular. (Maybe they still are?)
    Have you ever tried It’s a nice medium between ms paint and photoshop + it’s free!

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