DIY: Doll Headbands With Ears

What you need:
4 Paperclips (or Pipe cleaners!)
Hot glue gun
Needle/thread, sewing machine
Construction paper
Marker, chalk, pencil, etc
Measuring tape (opt)
Stuffing (opt)

Thinking of other alternatives, pipe cleaners would be easier for bending and that means you could make bigger ears. Or attempt this with furry fabric or felt. Stuffing could be quilt/teddy bear stuffing, cotton balls, or even leftover (throwaway) fabric. I was just using things I had on hand, I hope I didn’t make this sound too complicated.

1. Get four paperclips and bend them straight. Two will be the ears and the other two will be for the headband. Bend two of them curved to your liking and the other two slightly curved.
Note: When making the ears, don’t make them too thin or else you’ll end up struggling later on.
2. Measure how long you want your headband to be. I guesstimated over the top of my doll’s head, from ear to ear, with his wig on. On the construction paper, draw a line of your measure and then cut out the shape for your headband.
Cut out a larger version of your headband piece on fabric.
3. With two of the straightened-out, slightly bent paperclips, hot glue each end of the paperclips to the construction paper. You can glue all of it down but the mobility to bend the headband would be stiff.
4. Outline, and give a few cm for yourself to sew, with pencil/chalk/etc your ears. Make four pieces and cut out.
5. Sew together with the correct sides facing each other, leave the bottom open to insert your paperclips and stuffing.

Note: If you’re attempting bunny ears, after you’ve finished sewing – don’t forget you also have to turn it inside out so attempting this for tiny bjd…well you’ll be struggling-

6. Turn your sewn pieces inside out. Insert a paperclip, add the optional stuffing, and you can either sew closed or leave it open

7. Back to the headband, put hot glue on the sides of the headband and press your fabric on the glue.

All fabric all glued to the back.

8. Bend the ends of the paperclip in a 90 degree angle

9. With the three pieces on your doll, position where you want the ears to be and then put indentations (I just cut a slit through the fabric and the paper)

10. Slip the ears through the narrow opening. The right angle helps keep the ears standing up, you can just hot glue all around that. Or not, your choice.


Officially done and fits.

Bendable ears now fully functional

Here was the prototype, turning the fabric inside out took some persistance without ripping the seams apart like a Hulk

The original concept

  1. Aw! That’s really cute.

    • kiwae
    • April 28th, 2011

    Oh man, first time writing a do-it-yourselfer. I’m pretty sure I overkilled with directions.
    M: I can wear this so long as nobody asks me to do that dance…You’ll have to get me drunk to do that dance.

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