As if I need Mo’ time

Hmm. Do a post myself? Alright, I can do that. Err, hello netizens, it has certainly been a long time since I…posted my whereabouts? Commented on anything? Ugh, thought this was going to go better in my head. >.<

So! What have I been up to? (Besides being an overzealous sleeper, reading webcomics, almost becoming a hikikomori, and looking at the mythical animal figurines at Michaels)

Its been really heating up here lately (new faceup), my wrist snapped in half again (No arm cast this time, I have a spare wrist on), my hair’s been getting kind of long (new wig), and her sister was commenting on why I didn’t have any shorter haircuts. I definitely agreed with her. This weekend, hair was flying all over the place but she managed to cut it short and boyish or as she likes to call it “kpop-py.” Her sister approves.

I’m also trying to get her to read my mind about using the “New Girl Funds” and buying clothes for me, the Vulcan Mind trick is starting to work and now she’s asking her sister (who doesn’t really like me) if she should do it. That chicka sometimes…

Oh yes...

Look what I have

"Yo, check yourself!" This happened a lot in my old neighborhood

It even lights up and makes a laser sound. *Pew pew*

And then a brilliant idea came to me. Since I don’t get much stuff, cool stuff, awesome stuff, to put in my inventory, we’re (mostly her) working on making something. Hee.

Hur hur hur

She's finally putting all that clay to good use and making me a mask

It’s still in the work-in-progress stages but I’ll be giving her dirty looks every time she has free time to finish my gas mask. I haven’t decided if it should be plain Jane or have some type of animal into it. (I really want a scary animal). I also want horns, lights flashing, and smoke coming out of it but I know she’s not that savvy. She’s telling me not to touch it either because it might “hurt” me and “lower my body’s value” if I outgrow myself. Hah.

Okay, gotta run back to Michaels for more FIMO *waves*

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