The hairpiece makes a comeback

In the early hours of the morning, drinking ensued, and then IT came back.

Sup, I’m Mari!

With an A because I’m *snaps fingers around* Awww-right!

You feel me?


Don’t mind my legs, I’ve just left a zombie movie set where I was this young loli running around the forest and city with no pants or shoes on.

No worries, this pretty face never saw a scratch.

It was a blast, being a zombie executioner. A lot of yelling mostly.

Except the no pants deal. I need pants. Or at least some shorts. No one’s getting a peek up these legs.

This is now me checking off “Male doll cross-dressing” off of the list of Typical Male BJDs. You can now successfully relate cross-dressing to me.

  1. MACHI: Squeeeee, you are SO adorable, Mo-chan! Lovin’ those zombie legs, too–zuber hot! Never thought I’d see the day you OFFICIALLY crossdressed!! Angels are singing in Machiland hehe!! xD

      • kiwae
      • March 30th, 2011

      I’ll try to find more pretty fabrics then! C8

      Mori: D; I’m scared to see what else she has in store for me *shivers*

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