Something outside today…
Notice anything different?
Besides deciding to blush your legs to go with your hands?
No. =3
The happy fulfilled look of going to McDonalds and eating french fries?
No but that’s not new.

Look into my eyes of a unknown hopeful love, a wistful love, reminiscing a certain person…Have you heard ‘The Look of Love’ ? *looks at you*
Okay, stop, I can’t stomach romantic talk unless it’s from My Best Friend’s Wedding. It’s the blue eyes, which I think with the right face-up would make it less creepy but hope this is temporary. But it goes well with the beanie.

Haha, yeah, I can be a sentimental poetic guy when I want. When was the last time you listened to “In a sentimental mood” by John Coltraine anyway?

Months kid, months.

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