*shaky hands, shaky foot, and lacking sleep* Took a couple of hours figuring out what to say.

We’re all lacking sleep here and the motivation to go outside and take pictures. Just been trying to catch up with all the updates of people, blogs, books, music and the noisy construction outside ( redoing the parking lot) didn’t help sleeping so we’re running on nasty granola bars I made (ran out of peanut butter, too much honey, peanuts were too big so fell apart, and me not following instructions basically).

So yeah, made Mosan a blue and red beanie only because I have a bunch of leftover yarn; there’s only so much crocheted bunnies I can stand making.

Also a gray/black shirt and currently working on jackets/vests. Of course, I already sewed the wrong part and accidentally cut the front pieces according to one side so the other side looks weird because that’s the inside part but no worries this is only a practice jacket/vest.

I coulda told you that if I was in the room.

ALSO: I’m gonna try my hand at doing a tattoo as well. Didn’t have an interesting concept for the tattoo so just grabbed a picture from a favorite band so hope all goes well.

You better finish it too. I don’t want to be sitting around without a shirt on waiting for you to ‘get to it.’

I hope to finish the jacket/vest by the end of the month. Since hand-sewing is a long process, I bet that’s how long it’ll take. 😉 Cause that’s when somebody was completely whole bodied.

  1. “Awwww, Mo-chan!!! That is so sweet… You took all that time just to reply to me! Squee! You’re the best! :D”

    (I love the little sketch of Mori at the computer. Nice interpretation of Machi; it’s pretty accurate haha! xD)

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