Oh man, I am swamped with homework and quizzes and research papers.

My order came in a couple of days before Valentine’s Day. I thought the trousers were big and loose (unless it’s suppose to be that way but I don’t like it that way) but at least it covered his butt when sitting down. It’s all good, now I have to learn how to tie a tie.

Also, I entered LittleMonica’s contest of Lonely Singles on Valentine’s Day event, won 3rd place and received 10 points for shopping.

I’ve just started sculpting and reworking clay for a couple of hours. The pain is worse than practicing my bass which was years ago. It’s still a work in progress, it doesn’t look like anything like the first time I did (I must find my crochet hook, it works wonders) The reason I was asking on multiple-use molds is that of course I want to try my hand using resin. (Not thinking about selling or anything like that) but I’m betting I’m going to screw the colors up so one-time molds is not what I’m looking for. I’ve scoured the hidden layers of DOA for tips, tricks, etc…saving pages of how-tos and think I got the gist of how to get the inside cast.

Click here for a small slideshow

99 cents for each girl is not so bad.

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