Silicone Doll

I was wondering if a company can make a doll that had it’s joints but wore a “skin” over it so none of it wouldn’t show for awhile now. Well I just found them, they’re called Tokyo Dolls, they only sell silicone dolls for $1,100. (I know right, a bit high)

You can find a demonstration on youtube: Tokyo Doll flexibility

They’re very bendy, bendable fingers, body is very squishy as well as her face. It looks like they’re only for sitting though, not that they’re on my wishlist, it seems a little creepy to me because they’re almost like a s_x doll but just smaller and some people are into that stuff and well…yeah…feels like we’re crossing another line to even more dangerous territories. But it’s still cool though they managed a doll to be seamless, don’t think they’re ball jointed anymore.

I like my dolls jointed and hard. Hehe.

Oh and I’ve also been looking at the Obitsus since I seen Angel and CSI Bananas and wow, now they’re Incredible at posing and staying in that pose too. I wonder if you put resin head on a vinyl body. Might have to do some research on that. Wish Mori could at least pop a squat without falling. That’s probably what I wish the most out of him…squatting, looking cool of course.

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