Long hair (Picture overload)

"Look at this beautiful, long hair..."

*Cries* Why would you ever think I would like long hair!?

Wait, I know...

Know it's in here somewhere

Here it is

The "Anything goes male potion"!

This will get rid of the outgrowth of this feminine character.

Bottoms up....*sips*

*Magical disney music poof*

Gotta keep yourself stocked up, ya know?

IRL, called Krishna Musk, smells like sweet sprite soda, use sparingly, lol

Today, I got stuck outside of K-mart waiting for a ride. I was going to wait awhile so went inside and was looking around the toy aisle. I’ve seen Barbie-like dolls that’s almost like a bjd; you could change their hair. I’ve seen separate wigs you can buy for them too; no separate eyes yet on sale 🙂 It’s just one tiny little step for bjds to become more accessible to us.

I thought it would be a good idea, I saw this fake hair attached to a claw thingy for your hair, like a ponytail, took that claw off. It fits Mori’s big head but there isn’t enough hair, shocking because it is a lot of hair, and you could see the net. Oh well.

  1. “XD Loooove the long hair on you, Mo-chan! Sooo sassy. Hehe where did you FIND that hair? I mean, what aisle was it in? lol I totally want to see if I can get one of my own! Lurves yoo!”

    – Machi-chan

      • kiwae
      • February 3rd, 2011

      “We found it next to the hairbrushes and hair color boxes though it’s hard not showing the net part so making bangs is hard to do. A big hat always helps, just made my head look bigger,lol.”

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