BeYours Amber

Oh Amber, such a little darling (I’ve been “darling” an awful lot lately). They have three versions of Amber: A girl with a normal face-up, a girl with pink cheeks face up, and they also have the boy version of Amber too which isn’t too bad looking. Kind of looks like some Kpop singer. They have pictures of the girl body but none for the boy…

Well, I’m done promoting. lol. Go check them out.

Other BY molds: Ceiba, Pinellia tuber, Tin, Kirara, Shkart, and Yew (Yew is a free head if you buy before the new year, go ask if it’s still available)

  1. meme
    know meme

  2. Thanks for the links. The face sculpts are so sweet. ^_^

  3. What a gorgeous doll… I just wish I could see an accurate price and read the Asian characters on the webpage! >_< Amber is definitely worth looking at. Thanks for promoting him/her.

    "Mommy, are you already going to buy a new big brother? Aren't you BROKE? :O"

    Yes, Sayuki, but that's not the point… ^_^'

    Aaaanyway, really nice doll!

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