They have delivered the goods

Monday, January 31: I received the sexy boots. Mori is in love with them.

Damn these are hot. I could be a shoe model if stores sold these type of shoes.

I’m glad the heels weren’t too thick, platform boots are not our cup of tea. Why are there so many around? Oh right. Lolitas and j-rock.

The other two items are still traveling. D: Where are you outfit? Lost at sea?

I’ve just messaged BeYours a few questions yesterday and received their answers today.

They do accept paypal. The EMS shipping to the US is $70. The face-up costs $50 for either “bright colored” or “normal.” The doll head and body costs $340 together.

I was planning for them to do a face-up, a customized one for $50, but now I think I’ll do it myself. I love the normal face up for the girl Amber but just move the eyebrows to be more concentrated and less smiling then I’d pay $50. But I could use the practice.

The full doll is a body, a head, and a pair of eyes.

So between now and when I have the money, if they put up the Amber head up for sale anytime soon, then I’m going with that and just buy a different body. If the head isn’t available, I’ll get the full doll; I’ve been looking at the body more and I don’t really mind how the knee joints look. Mori’s Dollmore Youth body has the same look on the elbows as the BeYours elbows. BeYours knees is the same as the elbows. She’s kind of tall for a SD girl 60.5cm whereas the others I’ve seen are 58cm. If I’m not too chicken, I’d sand her chest down, not too much, I just want them small.

  1. “SQUEEE!!! Those are hot!! 😀 Lurve!”

    – Machi

    “Haha… awesome. Lemme borrow those sometime.”

    – Evan

  2. OMG. these are so superior. can you include the beyours link in your blog? tnx!

  3. Mann! I loved those boots when I saw them but had no boy that would wear them haha! Mori has really good taste ;D

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