So far, the shoes are currently in Santa Clarita now. So close yet so far. The shirt and pants are still trying to cross the seas. Maybe it’ll come tomorrow or this week for the shoes.

We don’t mind the wait. I almost forgot to check today. We’re having fun without kick-awesome shoes.

I wonder what happened to Machi-kun, Evan, and Saiyuki and that other dude in the skirt?

Life, work, school. I’m surprised I’m able to take you out so much with my classes.

Well, I am feeling the effects of wanting to go back to work again…but *stretches* I woke up at 2 pm today and it’s 5 o’clock right now. I’m kind of tired.

You’re starting to sound like me.


Mori sliding down to the second floor stairs. We were meeting my friends at the movie theatre and took some pictures at the parking lot. Ace finally met him in person, he thinks he’s cool but still creepy. Well that’s a start.

  1. The computer’s been down, Mori! xD We’re finally back up and running. Don’t worry; you’ll be hearing from Machi-Machi, Sayuki, and Ev VERY soon!!

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