Only reason for getting a girl is

fashion. That’s one of the big reasons I’m not thinking of female bjds anytime soon. Yes there’s more variety of clothes they get to wear but that means more clothes for them because I thought if I ever get a girl she must be fashionable  (streetwear of NYC/LA/or Tank Girl type), wear heels, and have a lot of crap (customized items). IE: I’d spoil her. Hans is getting all of that on the side so no need to panic that I can’t find a realistic head but immediately found a few nice bodies (Sarina, zaoll, that other zaoll lookalike called supia?)…

Stop. Hold up. Update.

I’ve found the one. The girl who would have her own harem. (If I’ve lived long enough to collect the other 4 without breaking into a bank first and if they weren’t too into themselves). Of course, I’m just basing all of this on her face up, I need to see the blank sculpt first. While I do like her pretty face up and would love to keep it, I want her to be more…femme fatale “Oh really? F you” type.

If zaoll+supia rosy were married, BeYours Amber would definitely be their love child.

I’d like to have a zaoll but they’re too small for me; I’ve been seeing a lot of them recently and looking at them… well I think I’d lose the character I made to be like those other zaolls.

You get me?

The same goes for Supia Rosy, she’s in my top 3 girl list of mine, I really do love her realness and adult look but as I said before, I’d try to make her like others which is why I need a doll that’s kind of low-key on everyone’s view.

And I’m very picky about my girl preferences since I’ll only have one in the group. The boys are easy compared to girls.

I’d like my girl to be…

  • Somewhat realistic sculpt
  • Looks old enough to hang with a bunch of guys but still young looking
  • Proportional
    • Eyes not too big and cartoony. Nose not ridiculously small or long (soom nephelin), mouth not too small. I should really just say the opposite of a Volks girl.

I don’t mind her weird knee/elbow joints so much. I could always swap it out once I find out what resin she matches, BeYour’s doesn’t say and they’re not selling the head. I’d have to pay for the body and head, that’s one price, and then the face up, I’ve heard it’s $50 now. And I don’t really want to do her face up. I might have to wait if they’ll ever sell the head by itself so I can send it to an artist.

Altogether, she might be a sure thing to save up for. Possibly even getting her before Hans. That means alot of editing in the story and character department.

Mori is gloomed that I’m making her into a no-nonsense type of girl.

  1. That doll pictured in this post and her outfit are adorable! I own two girls, one on order. One reason is because I like the range of outfits (as you pointed out), but it also goes for wigs. Plus, I haven’t found a boy doll that really looks, well, like a boy? People have achieved it, but I fear my $$$ situation wouldn’t allow me to create the doll I envision… Have you looked at LeekeWorld GeeYu? She’s realistic and adorable. (Just lots of money!)

      • kiwae
      • January 31st, 2011

      Oh she is a darling but yes lots of money. If you want boyish, Iplehouse is a good place to look, very manly buff dudes, they have young boyish characters too.

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