Wait…what IS your personality?

While I was entering Mori into the BJD Database, I looked upon the next bold word and it said “Personality” and I was struck blank. WTF is Mori’s personality? All this time and I’ve never mentioned it, written it down (truly I haven’t), I’m just picturing his face and…yes that’s your personality. But. How. To. Put. It. In. Words. Wah.

I looked in my past entries and pages to see if I wrote anything remotely sounding like a description of who this dude was. Nothing. Nada. Nyet. Just a big background story and backhanded comments.

And so I just made up stuff that could be Mori’s personality. It’s ever so changing the more he interacts with other bjds since he basically has been anti-social.

By the by,

I was searching for a few Mori-related clothes till 4 am this morning. He’s been really pushing for his style. Been really yapping at it.

I’d like to thank you for the new face up but I’m really adamant about this…

He’s been protesting by being really floppy so I hot glued his joints today. He’s now stiff in the ankles and shirtless.

…How am I supposed to be myself? When I’m being what you want me to be?

And there’s the dilemma but I got a glimpse, a wee picture in my mind, of what you, and not I, want. Though I was sorely tempted to get this and make him do a kitty dance; he shook his head vehemently. But when I showed him this, he was totally okay with that.


And la dee dah, order confirmation. I’ve bought a tie, dress shirt, and trousers…plus these really 8) shoes! I hope the clothes fit, I’ve forgotten if dollmore youth is considered the “sd13-luts-dollzone-etc” category of average measurements. So *cross fingers*

Nothing to show of Mosan so here’s a sketch I did of someone’s doll from the “Draw the doll above you” game.

  1. XD Great drawing! I’ve been itching to try that thread lately, but I always decide to do homework instead hahaha.

    To answer your question [as I own a youth adam XD] yes, they’re the standard SD13 size, around the 62 cm tall mark… Clothes from dollmore tend to fit rather loosely, so that they can go on other dolls as well. Hope that takes the guesswork out for you.

      • kiwae
      • January 23rd, 2011

      That’s a relief since I never go to meets I don’t know what other dolls look like so luts dolls always have chubbier looking thighs than usual

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