Took the chill pill

Ok, so I got a little carried away that first week of January (that Halp post) I shouldn’t have to force myself or someone else to make me post so much. (Ahem The Daily Post wordpress) Think we should take it day by day, or idea after idea, this is my blog darn it and I can post however frequently or infrequently as I want! I asked the peeps on FB if they post anything on Doa, their response was they too never post anything, just check the marketplace. 🙂 Much relief on my side because I feel like I want to but then it really feels like I have to post something up because there’s so few Ryun’s out there and I never put Mori in the database and… (that’s my excuse so far)

But my pictures are pretty sh*tty and is just barely good enough for my blog and fb. At least I won’t have to agonize and die a little inside when no one says anything on doa, that’s for sure. Ah, feels like a weight has been lifted. Now we can carry on…boy I wish I had Hans with us but I know I’m not buying anybody this year.

Here’s a little chit-chat, an excerpt, *in the future* of Hans and Mori.

Mori: When I kissed her, her skin was so sensitive, it turned a pretty rose color and stayed that way until the day she left.

*looks at Hans. Hans in dream mode, head resting on his arms*

You’re picturing me and you, aren’t you?

Hans: Yes because I didn’t know you were so poetic and that’s romantic.

Mori: Geez, what a way to ruin the mood. *Looks away, drinking*

Hans: Well I can’t help it if you might be a closeted gay and won’t be surprised if you come out before me.

Mori: You’re an idiot.

I have a lot of these small chats written everywhere (Gotta collect them all, Ball Joint Dudes!).

This candy will make me feel better? ...Quit lying...I'm eating it anyways.

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