You’ll be forever on my wishlist

I haven’t been exactly watching the doa channel or other bjd shops for new stuff. The updates are going into my inbox but I just keep deleting them. And now, because Mori has a big ol’ head (9.5-10in), I want him to have a straight wig, that’s what I keep telling myself but I really just want to see what it’s like and how hard it is to maintain the look.  So I see that Leekeworld has new colors? I haven’t glanced at them in a good year so “Misty Gray” and “Muddy Brown” ? Pretty~

Oh but wait, Mori’ll just stick that hat on and the scarves too will be a nuisance and I’ll have to blush even more around his numbskull and start using the carrier to protect his pretty head of hair…shoot…I suppose I’ll scrap that idea but I did find on doa a mohair shop selling long mohair. That looks lovely, I can always force Mori to like long hair, plus it would eliminate the scarf issue and…well do things you can’t do to short hair.

I’m drooling for the opportunity to buy something. When’s the next holiday with discounts included in Asia/China? Have to look that up.

I can’t find any non-platform-boot shoes (besides those $50 to 60 nice boots on crobi, yea, damn). There’s some slip ons around but meh, better start getting different color converses. Unless I start aiming for Mori’s “gentleman” look that he’s been wanting…


So this weekend I’ve been pricking myself with needles and worked on a few projects.

  1. Sew on new zipper to my new, old, gym bag I found looking through my relatives attic. It’s most likely that this will be Mori’s new carrier bag.
  2. Finished sewing Bob Marley tee
  3. Work on finishing pair of socks, yes I’ve never bothered making socks until now.
  4. Tomorrow work on face up as you can see.
  5. Oh and did some very light sanding, no one can tell.

Don't look. I'd never where all these together.

Kind of makes him look like a soccer player.

Ugh, where’s my hat?

No hat, that first layer is still wet on top.

Should of left me in the box then.

And take pictures without some part of your face? Not anymore!

Fine, how are you doing my face this time?

Do the same thing as last time. Pink in the inside of the eye, might paint that on, and then brown/gray on the outer edges. A more darker brown than last time for eyelashes and eyebrows. Have long eyebrows and work on the left side first. Though I can’t figure out why the top lip won’t take on color…might have to try taping around and heavily going at it.

Well don’t go too crazy. This is my face.

Sure sure. ;D

  1. Hmmm…can’t wait to see the end result of his new face ;D If you’re having trouble getting the colour to stay on, be sure that you’ve sprayed evenly coating the whole head. If you’re still having trouble after that, I just recommend patience and lots of layering XD.

    The lunar new year is coming up ;D and I’m sure they’ll have spring/summer sales popping up soon~

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