Saturday shoot 1

It was extremely hot today, wasn’t it cold just two days ago? Where did this sudden heat come from? And the wind? Oi. I clearly need to check up on the weather lady.

I had to go to the college to sell one of my old books. That entailed us taking the 101 (while the ride usually takes 5 minutes, there was an accident which took 30 minutes instead), the 6 (stopped at the library to drop off some books), and jump on either the 1,7, or 8 depending on which comes first. You don’t want to know how many buses it took altogether. But we managed to get some of my ideas checked off the list.

First Stop: The Library

His first time reading manga and left-to-right books. He'll get the hang of it.

Maybe an hour later? We get to the campus, awkward seller and buyer but got it done, and go to the place where I wanted to take pictures all my time there but was too chicken because students could be watching through the windows and not pay attention to the lectures… Since it is Saturday and also swap meet day, it was empty in the Arts side.

What the heck are these?

Sculptures of heads of course. I’ve never took an art course so I have no idea what the theme is suppose to be. Maybe something Easter Island like? But I keep seeing new heads so the students must be in love with them, or not.

Feels like if I look away it might start looking at me.

Liking my doggy bag, fits my toy cars and other imaginary stuff

And then someone noticed the huge trees (More pictures, less chitchat in the next post)

  1. Hey, Mori, you’re into Cowboy Bebop, huh? XD You a fan of Bleach, too?

    “Cute puppy, Mo-chaaan! And oh my GAWD, how can you sit there and let those heads stare at you? O_O I would be totally terrified…”

    – Machi-Machi

      • kiwae
      • January 17th, 2011

      “I haven’t gotten into Bleach much, only read the first volume but I heard the chick in the beginning the gami-something she was X, because I just found Fairy Tail and that’s like Fight Club and Super Friends combined, lol. But yes, I had a choice between an elephant, tiger, or a puppy. I had to go for the smallest thing. And that dude…clearly couldn’t be trusted if I turned my back like the ghost in super mario, yep.”

  2. >u< thanks for liking my post! I followed it here.

    Hahaha those heads are really scary;;; the dog bag is so cute!

    Public transit is tedious isnt it?

      • kiwae
      • January 16th, 2011

      lol thx. Yes to both! There’s a lot of planning ahead involved with two different buses.

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