Man that last question just made me go, “Ooh. Come here, Mosan. *squishes with hugs* You’re getting some love on the weekend. And by love, I mean a good clean and maybe a small amount of sanding because maybe that fall when it was raining messed you up, the scratch needs to be smoothed over so your face up won’t come off so quickly on your nose. I hope to never see the light in your eyes or your spirit disappear.” Okay, the deathbed question already done with…hehe.

Now that I’m liking this theme, I have to put up a header (that means a photoshoot, shoot must find nice clothes now)

I remember a good question on the bus when Mori had his beat up look. And just because I can, the first time Mori took the bus.

Bears? What bears? Oh That Bear.

Yeah, subways used to be my transportation device. Unless you’re in LA, driving is the only way to get around South Cali now.

So about them bears…when is the last time you fought a bear?

Bear? That thing was no bear. It was a monster I tell you.

Just jumping, leaping, it’s scary I tell you. Plus the fact that it can survive anywhere…how scary.

Like that wild pig special where they’re overpopulating in the Midwest and they’re dangerous (is gonna be Princess Mononoke all over again). That Bear is worse, he’s teaching others, anyone whose on his team lost in the jungle…boy. You don’t want to be the one dragging the team down.

And by Bear, I mean HIM

Do not be fooled by his good looks. I was attempted too to follow the Bear.

I didn’t exactly fight with him. More like have internal struggle and conflicts. There was a beginning – with much rising action, middle – with a climax that broke the straw that I wanted outta there, and then the ending. The resolution, I couldn’t take it anymore.

“Bear,” I said stopping in the swamp, “I can’t deal with this. Don’t you think this is out of hand?” And he gave me that Bear look of his and I gave him my look that I wasn’t moving forward from this point. There was no other words to say at that point. No, we weren’t GAZING INTO EACH OTHER’S EYES!

Sounds like you did.

No, it’s the look, you don’t have to say anything, you can see it in your eyes. Then I woke up, I wasn’t squeezing “juice” from an animal’s poo or eating squishy eyeballs. Thank goodness, it was just a dream. Enough about bear talk, what about my clothes?

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