Cut Stache


Yesterday, this was the only picture I took because SOMEBODY didn’t like my idea.

You wanted me to lie down and hold on before slipping down the yellow slide!? That was not going to happen. Not with this mustache…

It would’ve happened, if your arm and hand didn’t suddenly come off! (And no string to fix it right then and there)

Serves you right. It wouldn’t make a very good picture either.

It would have! I had the perfect picture in mind. You’ll see, let me go to Paint for a second.

Okay and then I’ll do my version, the REAL version of how it’ll look…

Done! by me

By Me, Mori

I don’t see the difference between these two…

Besides my better skills in the Paint program? Look at my face. That is not a face that should be seen by others! And before I popped out my arm, you really couldn’t see my face. My point is very valid. What would you shoot, just my hands and the back of my head? I don’t think so.

…*Takes him home and brings out the scissors*

No…don’t do it!

*SNIP* Put your hands up in the air! Before the rest goes!

My invisible tears are crying for you cowboy stache.

I thought you wanted me to be happy! And with hair at that! *Gets the clipped pieces and “puts” them back on*

All I wanted (not sounding like an obsessive stalking lover) was for you to not complain for once. Understand? *Waves the scissors around*

Yes mam.

I’m not even going to question where you put those leftovers on your face. Ahem. Now we will answer yesterday’s question that has been submitted by Machi

First off, do you like TATER TOTS??? :O And second of all, can you draw?

Tots? Aggggh (that’s a Homer Simpson drool), potatoes were the staple of my childhood. Foil, throw them on, and bake. Man, you can not mess that up. It’s impossible to mess up! It’s that simple. I could call myself a chef if that’s all you had to do! Like little hash browns that don’t flip over like McDonald’s golden greasy flat tots.

Sorry, just dreaming about the taste but I can go on and on about them. I mean, rolling hills of them. Just me and them. With ketchup. Ahhh, man now I’m craving tater tots! Heh but at least we prematurely answered the second question didn’t we?

True, I forced myself to not look until we got through your little drama, I bet potatoes would of came up eventually. Then where would we be? Tuesdays with Mori can’t be without a question then!

I can draw, scribble mostly, but nothing that will sit next to Mona Lisa or put up in the Louvre, if that’s the right place I’m thinking of… Yeah, you caught both of us on a good day. Cause most of the time, I’m terrible and if I’m terrible she’s even more terrible. But who knows, I’m gonna go check to see if it is a good day…

Guess it is a good day

RIP Long stache.

  1. “Hey, kewlness! Now I crave tater tots, too!! :O *le gasp* Thanks for answering my question! *HUGGLEZ YOO*”

    – Machi

    (Haha tater tots DO sound really good right about now.)

      • kiwae
      • January 12th, 2011

      Mosan —->\(^∀^)メ(^∀^)ノ <–Machi

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