I don’t know what else to post HALP

Hi. Yes I see you there.

I need some help. I need suggestions as to what I’ll be posting because I’m running out of material here. So ask questions about my dude schlumping around on my bed, weird/philosophical/mathematical/book related/nature ones, or just the “Hey, what’s up Mori?” What’s your favorite soup? How do you like your eggs? What was your security blanket when you were young? Do you mind if you changed into a girl? Etc, things like that.

I want to try posting every day or at least every week. I’m gonna be scrounging around doa, resinality, plinky, college even and whatever sites that’ll give me a few prompts/topics/questions to ask Mori and what he thinks. (I’ll try to force him to be more elaborate, since he’s a man of few words, make him go on tangents) Or we could do poses cause we haven’t seen him yet standing on his head or anything…

Mondays with Mori: You got one hour in a time machine. Where you headed?

Shoot, if they let me, I’d go back to the past and meet up with my favorite jazz musicians. There’s Bill Evans, Coltrane, Izzy. Ooh, and meet up with the original Motown players, The Funk Brothers, in Detroit. In their small hot basement-like studio, the place where it all started. You know they had only one take so everyone that was playing had to get they stuff together, no mess ups, boy I wish I was there sucking in all that…

Or go into the future like Fry in Futurama, kiwae introduced me to the ‘now’ cartoons, I haven’t watched cartoons in years. Let’s see…errr *looks up* since I was ten? Eleven? I’m terrible with dates. I had no tv in my room when I was living in foster homes and that MTV the other students in high school were talking about? When did they get so crazy over boy bands? Kiwae usually has relapses in time and so starts blasting “Tearing up my hear…

Sorry, the channel changed to Seasame Street and Cookie Monster was totally on. And now, something about salads?! SALADS!? “Cookies are a sometime food” ? No way, cookies are for all the time. I’m sure there’s a cookie diet somewhere and behind the person who made that diet popular is Cookie Monster in their head.

…Mmm sweet potato cookie sounds good…But it doesn’t mean, he’s a vegetable monster. Yep yep. Oh wait? What are you doing? I’m trying to formulate my thoughts onto the blog here.

This emoticon resembles my look right now (-_-*)

Did I ever mention that I’m not a cat person, especially cats that “lolspeak”? I didn’t? Well, as a matter of fact I do. With a passion. You can tell by how this paragraph is in complete, spell checked, sentenced with punctuations.

Though my grammar is terrible so I can not call myself a grammar nazi, let’s just say I’m a grammar general because they plan things in their head and only execute them in their heads. Just like what I’m doing right now. ( ‘Disdam’ is an actual word. “Disdam game rules!” )

Wait a minute. I should go back in time before kiwae had time to think up this little Q&A session and Vulcan nerve pinch the heck out of her…

Don’t worry folks, I got him in a choke hold. So I hope to enter something tomorrow then. Ciao.

No humans or dolls were sent to hospital. Harmed yes. But all in good love. Everybody love everybody…in your own way.
  1. “Heyyy, Mori-chaaan! It’s Machi! 😀 Thought I’d ask you a wacko question because… YAH!!! So… First off, do you like TATER TOTS??? :O And second of all, can you draw? I totally wanna see you doodle something!!!”

    – Machi-Machi 😉 with LURVES!!

    (Machi likes Mori… Haha…)

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