Look at these TERRIBLE face ups

2009 was bad man, as in “Good Lord! That is one terrible face up! What the hell was I thinking? Let me spit on it. *pew pew*”

While I was deleting some early pictures of Mori, I came upon the early years, the experimenting beginner face up artist (shouldn’t even call myself that ‘artist’).

These were taken on November 2 and 9, 2009. I still can’t believe I did those myself. The black/grayish face up, you can tell I tried the eyebrow stencil maneuver and I wasn’t satisfied doing it that way.

Oh and I finally managed to log onto DOA, haven’t been there for months, and put up my face ups for critiquing and they said I gotta work on my blushing and eyebrow leveling and making them a little more longer. (The shorter eyebrows just make him look younger to me) Hmm, guess I can do a little more blushing on the current face up…or not

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