New clothes? Get drunk

Did October just flew by or what? I am so not looking forward to seeing my grades any time soon. Seems like ever since I got Mo-san’s body, studying at home is futile, larger things are at work here…like mostly reading mystery and romance books, new music, oh and watching Star Trek the original series (am officially in love with Dr. McCoy and second in line is Spock but with the mind melding thing I’m not so sure he would be fascinated with some of the horrible things in my head but yes I am a born again Trekkie) But anyways interesting story I got, as far as I can remember it, let’s start from the beginning. In the early weeks of October…

“I wonder how old I’ll be before I get any new clothes?”

 While he was giving me the ‘When do I get more clothes?’ look, I was out the room to hang out with some friends I rarely saw. We were heading out to protest but my friend was very late picking everyone up so the person running the protest was very mad at us. On the way there, they asked about Mo-san, “Why didn’t you bring him? Even though having a realistic huge doll that is knee length height sounds pretty creepy and runs into the ‘crazy doll owner is more weird than the doll and is involved in (insert some type of dark arts stuff here)’ category, we’re not going to judge you because we already know you have weird tastes and a doll hobby is one of your lesser evil hobbies…” I was just so happy they even thought to bring up Mori. ‘Aww they somewhat care. But then again, all the photos I’ve been uploading onto Facebook was only of Mo-san…’ Details. I was thinking of bringing him too but didn’t know how hot it was going to be protesting.

Direct sunlight and/or heat ≠ Mori. Heat ≈ Yellowing. California weather can never make up its mind. And I was pretty sad he yellowed so much he didn’t match his body so I wanted to be careful.

We planned to get together again for Halloween that was a week and a half away. Redoing Mori’s face up to be either David Bowie’s red lightning on his face or Jem! from the 80s(?) cartoon. I nixed that idea by sheer laziness; Mori was relieved, not liking David Bowie and Jem’s face was too simple for him, shocking.

Halloween-ish face up, check. Costume? 😀 As usual, went to Michaels and bought stuff I didn’t use but couldn’t return because I already cut into it. Figures.

I wanted some type of Vulcan (talking about the birdman not Trek man) outfit like I would use the feathers as a makeshift skirt and the beige felt as some type of tie at the neck halter top/bikini. Without the wings and talons. It would be open back and almost, almost show booty dimples. That was my vision. I don’t know if people would get it or if Mori would look good in it or much less like it but I didn’t care about that bit.

And wasn’t he already giving me the look of ‘I want more clothes’ ?

Ask and you shall get but you might not like it.

I suppose the story would be a weak Vulcan (Mosan) that just got defeated and lost the girl to some macho birdman. Or it could be the typical yaoi manga storyline: after getting beat up, the once cool Mori now figured he was going to be somebody’s b_tch/uke (oh noes! *grabs more popcorn*) or die trying to get away from unknown seme. Then he will fall in love with said seme once he starts doing his errands; of course there’s always a rival, the much nicer seme, that will make Mori have to choose between the two.

Can you picture Mori being uke? Neither can I, not with the wig he’s got on. But hope springs eternal as they say…

Before I started cutting, I had this peacock feather fabric I got from a garage sale months ago, thought it would be a good base/starter before I eff up the felt. I brought Mori and the fabric with me to an art gallery. I made some neu friends and they wanted to see Mori. It was good to bring him along, test the deep waters of friendship with “creepy alternative hobbies” and all that before we get into anything serious together like zombie hunting or hitchhiking, and I could work on the draping while they put away their art stuff. We head off to Dan’s commode and get wasted, or “get pissed” as Dan calls it.

And here’s where the details get fuzzy. By luck of faith and alcohol somehow it managed to come all together. I recall getting Mori out, by then I had no idea how the feathers would attach to the shorts. Oh? Look who has that “Seen it on Tv” portable sewing machine? Somehow, someone, Mars or Sal, cut the fabric. Mars or Ren-san, pinned outfit. Here’s the biggest SOMEHOW, Dan and I, had the ability to put thread into the hole of the needle, took a million tries let me tell ya. Sal, thank the lucky stars didn’t sew her own hand. In drunken stupor, or is it ambition, you can do something constructive. Ich liebe meinen neuen Freunden.

While the fact that it is less than good coming from non-seamstresses, I think it looks better than my original idea besides the fact that it is tight on the thighs and not sewn completely bu I’ll take what I can get. It has a gay Gulligan’s island feel to it. And we almost see le butt! Too bad he doesn’t do compromising, sexy/innocent, shots. I mean you have to take them when he doesn’t know he’s doing one, it’s that hard!

 Let’s just say there was a long one-sided conversation about what happened that night. “Where was your head at the time!?” Being smashed… “Something definitely could’ve happened to me.” Yeah, new clothes… “If getting drunk, either do it at home or not bring me into any thing remotely chancing my death.” Uh huh, yeah, not listening…

After Halloween, the face up wasn’t pairing up so well with the outfit. That and I totally lost where I was going with this thing. I mean what happened to my vision!? My Vulcan! Now a shipwrecked hottie? This was not the plan… Please go to “here’s a change of face

Here’s a another glimpse.

Well I wouldn’t say that it was ‘outlandlishly flamboyant’ just very colorful for someone I hope to stay hetero, hey I think there’s always a chance that he might and might not be halfway going to the closet by now.  There’s a closet in everyone and maybe he’ll just open the door and let someone out…(I got a new male character that might be third in line if the little brother doesn’t pan out, heh). Either way, there’s no girl doll coming ANY time soon…unless she’s free. This is a good I-like-to-watch-men-be-uncomfortable suit. hehe
More pics in my flickr like this one. Mori was mortified. 
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