Here’s a change of Face

 Face Up Talk

The painting’s one problem. You really got lighten up the paints from the tube it’s ridiculous how much I waste. Even just a drop is a waste. I must conserve.

1. Mix a small amount of dark color with white paint.

2. In an empty area, put a drop of water and add that mixed light color.

3. Paint those hairs and add the original mix and a little white too, why not?

Test that shaky hand. That’s just the way I do it, since I’m not planning to buy flow aid. Cheap-o. Well its $15 in my pocket! The other problem was the mother effing eyelids you know what I’m talking about. When you decide to blush the eyelids, then if you spray too much it all just goes into the creases ARGH!!!! I might have one of the harder to blush cursed eye creases in dolls. SNG Ryun must have been a practice head for that company because their SD heads have gotten better even their eyelids.

It seems like I’ve been doing numerous face ups but I never counted the ones in the beginning I never finished. Lost count, maybe 5 or 6 tries before giving up and leaving Mosan blank. There are some eyebrow templates around on the Internet but free handing was less stressful obviously.

 In the beginning, I wouldn’t even attempt to finish if the painting was messed up or adding the next layer of spray effed up the last blushing and maybe that’s why the first face up seems “adequate” for a beginner. It was my birthday that day and I demanded myself to finish, ugly eyebrows or not. This was the first face up (that I didn’t give up on!) I did. Though 17 days later, I changed it to the beat up look and one day later added more color to the bruises, and three weeks later the face up I’m talking about now. I’m starting to miss the bruises…

 There are some things that are becoming routine now. Like adding beauty marks in the beginning so it can have that nice fade look. Where you ask? Mole underneath the left eye, mole to the side of the right eye, mole at left ear and last one on in the corner. What routine you ask? Blushing the corners of the face light pink and skin colored, then the whole face white. Medium pink in the eyes and put a lot of color in the tear ducts because it’s a hard area to get into. Having 6 shades of pink, not including red, doesn’t help my indecision either.

Once I finished sealing, I notice the next day, November 5, Friday (I like to remind myself when I did these) that his nose was sticky still. Dunno what happened. Must have not waited long enough, the blush was starting to magically “disappear” and there was a dark smudge. The smudge got bigger the more I touched it. I ARGGGGHED once more and decided a quickie will have to be done. That’s okay, top lids were sloppy and bottom hairs were too orange. I was aiming for SNG/SWITCH Uhui’s eyelashes.

Things I must try to correct: Getting the bloody eyebrows to appear level, same length, and tilted in the right directions. Top lip blushing. Not blush the nose so much.

It’s pretty uncanny they’re in the exact same spot and just a few head nudges away from each other if you photo shopped them. This must be the best I’ve done besides “bruised” faceup. Yay, feels proud! *Looks at clock. 5:28 AM* No wonder I’m not thinking straight. Took me ten minutes to think of the word “eyelash” instead of “eye hairs.” I’d feel even better if I don’t see any nose scratches for a while and post this up.

 But can you see any mistakes? I can. Red blush on the right eyebrow. Too much after blush on the left eyelash. Not enough blushing on the top lip. The gray blushing on the eyelids didn’t show up as well. I’d like some constructive criticism for once.

 He does look pretty pale now though since I didn’t blush the cheeks, not yellowish, that’s good. It’s very romantic, must find a better word. I don’t want to label this as Romantic face up. Hey does he look like a girl to you with “Romantic” face up? Hmmm…

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