a “new” look

Sup y’all, I’ve gone and changed his face up again. Because I saw a faceup where he looked deathly pale, very tired looking and it was one of those moments where “I wanted that.” I tried, blushed his nose and eyes more redder than usual for that “I’ve been walking all night in the rain, haven’t slept in days, and just about to pass out” look. And once again the Gorillaz 2-D look would always show up in my mind, ‘Why not make him look darker? More bruised up?’ And so I drifted off into the aftermath of a Fight Club ring and bring out my inner warrior…after he was defeated.

My sister looked at him and thought “For Halloween right?” It’s about half and half, I like his new beat up look. Though for the beat up look the white/purple wig goes really well for a rebel. The black wig makes it look like I personally beat him up. I might be getting terrible at faceups, haha. The spraying is a pain because after I finished coating a 3rd layer some dust gone on his face and some of the color smudged and had to start all over again. Then I thought I was doing good on the coating till I saw it was kinda spotting, not getting the hang of how much to spray and how far away from the head to spray. ARGH! It happened again on my last faceup, one huge string of dust landed on his chin and you can slightly see the outline of it.

And here I created a little photostory to go with the theme, no halloween involved. Sorry you guys have to refresh this, I forgot to put it on loop/forever.

I was happy that I found the flowers from dollmore (which I thought was food and spit out) were finally put to some use. You can probably find more pictures in my flickr account, I usually put all my spammed photos of Mori in my photobucket. The password is Morisfaintedbody because I got some other naughty bits (yaoi [but got tired of that quickly so yea I should stop talking about that] and guilty pleasure tokio hotel)

    • kiwae
    • January 9th, 2011

    Oh no, he’s totally okay with his masculinity even if he’s in his peacock bathing suit or yellow pants. Totally okay, lol

    • Hahaha… Oh, clothes like that are so glorious, though, aren’t they? Mori has to feel secret pleasure when he slips on a pair of bright yellow pants! xD

      Machi would die for a peacock bathing suit hehehe…

  1. Hehe, Mori is such a cool dollie. ^_^ My BJD Machi has a little crush on him…!

      • kiwae
      • January 8th, 2011

      Ohoho, Mori’s blushing as well and says his “Thanks..”

      • Hahaha Machi just giggled like a little schoolgirl… Hope he isn’t embarrassing Mori. >_<

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