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Updates: Just received my eyes from dd-anne on Saturday. Everyone was taking a nap so I was able to do a squee-ing victory dance but it finally arriving. The eyes are pretty top notch and even if it says “imperfect glass eyes,” there’s only slight imperfections. These are my first time seeing actual doll eyes, yes I was just desparate enough to see Mori with eyes and so bought googly eyes. Bad kiwae, bad! So I knew I should stock up on eyes (and possibly wigs soon). I didn’t know, well should of figured, they were so small! 

Eye colors, sizes, imperfections

12mm - pink eyes

I thought it would look good at time I picked pink, for a bunn look, but now it looks kinda creepy, either that or it doesn’t go with the faceup I just finished. Of course, after I finished the faceup, I chipped the eyeliner while putting it in. But I don’t see the mistake, maybe it’s the irises.

12mm - Pale pink

I liked the color, too bad it wasn’t bigger like 14mm, you can see the gaps on the sides. The Flaw: one of the eyes, the one in the picture was missing the last criss-cross line. And sometimes when I took a few pictures, the color would turn out to be gray or light gray.

16mm - purple eyes

Got purple because it was my favorite color and wanted to see how big 16mm’s are and they’re a little big, cartoony/anime-ish. Both eyes have the cris-cross. Flaws: the lines on one eye may be more spaced out apart than the other eye but other than that can’t see nothing else wrong with ’em.

14mm - gray/sky blue eyes

We’re down to the last two folks and luckily I got some 14mm, these have a gray ring on the outside and a sky blue inside. Flaws: One eye, the blue and gray are blended while the other eye you could see it not blended, separated. Actually now that I’m looking at the picture, it kind of looks good, maybe from that angle  only, but didn’t look good looking full front.

14mm - brown/green eyes

You can really see that the left is green and the right is brown (I even saw some purple in the brown) but you gots to have a lot of light or else they’re both brown. These are the ones I’ve chosen for his default look. It looked good with the black wig and the white/purple wig.

Definitely have to change the face up soon -_- but I’m working on it by that I mean half searching for a faceup artist and half considering to do it myself again. I’m leaning toward the artist. But I could use the money for new bike tires. Oh the dilemma. I’ll figure it out.

What do you think? Besides the crooked eyebrows

As the most indecisive person I know, I didn’t know how to do the eyelids. Do I color the eyelids or just the crease area? I did this all on my birthday when I had plently of time so when I looked at a few pictures they had the dark look going on. So there was a lot of erasing involved. That and after I sprayed a good 4th time, I saw the top lip color had spread onto his upper lip like he just finished making out with someone. It doesn’t look like I added much color but I did, in real life I added a lot of pink on his cheeks he’s now sporting the tipsy-you-can-tell-I’m-drunk-by-my-very-tinted-cheeks look. I tried my best.

Oh and did you check Switch? They have a new head, Huisa, I know I’m slow on the updates but this is one of the first heads I like from their new collection “La vie en rose.” They’re my favorite company, every head they made before the new website [Siesta and Hyul] was like “Danng, I want you, you, I want you all. And please give us more stories with them.” I like how they got a plot going on with their heads. In the Siesta, it featured mostly Javi and the others, Yujin mostly and one photostory with Ryun; then there’s Hyul and Uhui. They take the most beautiful-est photos and lovely faceups, looks like they found a good artist. Even having a few short videos with music, like a silent film slideshow. 😀

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