Box Opening

Und jetzt Ich bin pleite. Remember I told you I was going to save up for that “Elegance” body? Everyone should of seen it coming, changed my mind, and ended up getting Dollmore Youth Adam Body since I was going to buy some clothes there I might as well get the body. I couldn’t wait, my birthday was coming up and I knew I wasn’t going to be expecting anything (besides mountains of alcoholic beverages) as a  BJD for a present. So yep, buy myself, and for Mori, his body (I’d just like to say FINALLY!)

Doesn’t stand so well on the carpet

Here’s a slideshow of the box opening

Let’s make a list of what I bought and paid exactly

The List

  1. Dollmore Youth Adam body ($352)
  2. DM: V-neck loost tee ($7)
  3. DM: Black buckle skinny pants ($18)
  4. DM: Beige love sneakers($6)
  5. DM: Add shipping ($62)
  6. Crobidoll GO – Black training baggy pants total ($32.55)
  7. fairygarden (dd-anne’s imperfect glass eyes) – 5 pairs total ($23.50)
    • Staggering total = $501.05

It’s not staggering for a first time doll, I could’ve done things alot differently like buy in the marketplace for a Delf and not buy an extra pair of pants and eyes but I was scared because I got those prepaid greendot cards and didn’t know how the hell paypal worked exactly, still don’t actually, and now I know it works (maybe as long as they invoice me first the total so I know what to pay because that 2-4% paypal cc fee was driving me cookoo bananas calculating how much I would pay if I bought from different stores and as a first-timer I don’t want to take that chance, unless its in a GO on which I did so yay!) It’s one of those situations where the first time is scary and then getting a little carried away on buying things for it.

The way I bought from Dollmore was through Paygate (I checked with DOA on what that entailed) entered my cc number and watch it accept it. None of that 2% paypal fee for this gal. So I wait, got all the “Thank You” emails and finally the tracking number. I ordered on the night of August 29 and got the box on September 7, sweating and spazzing like a turkey with no head because I didn’t want anybody else to see. (that I got a huge order in the mail when I’m “supposed” to be broke usually)

Comments: Well clearly resin matching isn’t matching so well in real life anyway. And there’s a good gap where the neck and head meet (someone did say the Model body was a perfect fit besides the huge hands) so longer hair/scarf/hoodie will have to cover that. Mori is more yellow and the body more pink; I’ll blame it on the California heat, got some sanding paper from Hobby People and tried to get the area on his upper lip [Much love for anyone telling me the secret]. In some pictures, both seem to match and then sometimes not. I’ll have to check if its because I put the camera in flourescent or etc to put him in the best matching light possible. Oh and I didn’t know I’d totally be man-handling him. “Stop *firm grip on torso* leaning back *flops over and shows butt* gah!” I’m still new to this and I’m thinking I might have to restring him *oh noe here comes the pinching!* either that or I have to hot glue suede him or both.

I did try to see what the small hands looked like. Pulled on one hand, struggled to get the joint off and then on and hook the hand to it, boy didn’t know I had all this in store for me. I’ll save the small hands for later experimentations, like bending the fingers or practice my brush strokes.

You know I had a whole backstory to him and everything but now…now its a “I tell you my bio/personality when I’m ready” thing. I had a couple of other fur wigs I’d hope he’d try but the white and purple wig wins; reminds me of an eskimo now…from Chicago.

Things to work on now: Sock hoodie/muffler thing, faceup, non-floppy posing.

  1. I still don’t have any girls. I’ve got an Obitsu 60 cm boy(Angel), a Xi male Dragon Doll (Sayuki), a Mai male Bobobie (Evan), a VOLKS/Obitsu 60 cm boy (Rakikai), and a Feilian male Dollzone (Machi). I’d really love a Bobobie Mei; she’d be my only girl. ^_^

    The Soom Sard looks stunning… How much is he?

      • kiwae
      • January 8th, 2011

      I do believe that dude’s sold out and not many are selling him, he’s kind of popular so I might most likely end up getting Little monica Enrill, Sards are a little too pretty for me anyway.

      • Enrill is a beautiful one, too. But I know what you mean–“too pretty.” The exaggurated features in a doll’s face and body make them more human. Perfect dolls just don’t have as much personality. My Sayuki’s long nose is my favorite part of his face. ^_^’

  2. Wow, he’s beautiful!! I absolutely love BJDs; it’s so magical when you take them out of the box for the first time. I have 3 MSD size dolls now, and I’m completely addicted to them. ^_^’

      • kiwae
      • January 7th, 2011

      Thank you, I know it’s hard just to keep one without thinking of the next doll! Already have three characters that I’m thinking about.

      • Cool! Boys or girls? And what company do you plan on buying from?

          • kiwae
          • January 7th, 2011

          The next three are all boys, I haven’t decided on a girl yet she’d probably be a little fee or msd. Hoping for the next boy to be Crobidoll or maybe a used Aria doll. The second will be a Soom, Sard mostly likely. The third, will have a Soom male body, gonna be dyed, and I’ve just started looking for a head.
          I’m still not set on any doll yet though.

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