boredom will get you

…in the weirdest places. Dentist tools, really? Now I better rethink what I’m doing…or continue on. Now while waiting and watching the doll funds go up and down like stock, I somehow landed myself into wanting to “make” my own bjd head. The Joint , forum for bjd sculpting artists, is a really nice place to visit and see everyone’s progress. And looking on youtube, there were a few videos of sculpting the ears, eyes, lips, etc. And so I race my butt to Michaels and get some sculpey, their tools aren’t that great (coming from a beginners mouth and all) I found my own crochet hooks were best until I hit a dead end.

Lips? Darn hard. Eyes? How to get the left eye to match the right eye. Nose? Easy until you look at it from a distance or upside down and then one side is bigger or slanted. What I wanted was a bad boy look, with high cheek bones, Kim Jae Wook would be my subject of study. Took me a good month of working on it, before I took a break because I’m getting a little frustrated on the lips and I see that some people use dentist tools, like the picks they stab your tooth with? Yeah those are helpful in putting in the details. I had two people look at what I was doing and at least they could tell its asian/korean looking. Note to self: work on the eyelids more.

Doll Fund Update

Somehow I got myself a babysitting job and a couple-hours-of-packing job on the side. So every time I get paid, I’d put half in doll funds, and the other half is used for the blackhole called college. I’m in the $200’s now, all of last week I’ve been making a “shopping list” for Mori, I can’t just leave him posing around naked (I can hear my sister say “It’s just a doll! Just pick a body already!” and then I say “Hey! I don’t want you saying that in front of Mori, alright?” just like that Family Guy episode with Brian and his kid, ha)

I have a few sites I’m looking into buying from. I’m thinking of buying some basic clothes from Dollmore (You should see my wishlist) It’s too bad their wigs are too small for Mori. I’ll get some glass eyes in the MP. For Mori’s wig and maybe for future boy’s wig, formydoll has a nice collection of wigs in different colors. I haven’t really decided on what wig type, they’re all either too long or not long enough. I might have to look somewhere else. I like something like this but they ran out of chocolate colored if anyone can find a similar style that’s 9-10 in, let me know (and if you find a shop selling drop crotch jeans?) I’m hoping to get myself into group orders for all of this, save on that shipping you know? And the scary customs bit. Don’t think I’ll go all out and spend all my money, I’m just getting sneakers, pants, a shirt, and eyes/wig. As a person who wants to do things herself, tutorials for jackets seem simple enough, especially that sock hoodie one. Unless I get a set at blueblooddoll, I need to stop being so indecisive and narrow down my choices.

Today on doa news, checking the New Doll threads; Spiritdoll has come out with a few new bodies. I look at the boy bodies, go “Hot damn. You look so perfect,” and immediately go check what the so-nyeon-gi NS resin matching thread says. Nobody said anything about Spiritdoll but its very close to Volks NS and Iplehouse NS which SNG says are close matches. Someone also mentioned that Spiritdoll’s resin has gotten lighter more closer to Iplehouse skin so here’s my logic

Volks NS+Iplehouse NS=Spiritdoll

Volks Pure Skin Normal+Iplehouse NS=SNG NS

So that means …….  Spiritdoll NS = SNG NS ?!??!

“Hmm, close enough, I wants to want you!” I’ve been going crazy over the resin matching thing. Am I ‘settling’ for a Luts Delf body just because its 300 greens? Just a smudge for a picky person. I could get a Luts senior delf body but then the muscles are too much compared to his arms and legs (but if I did get it, I could make it into a three part torso…if I got enough courage to do it)

If I could, I’d want the legs of DemonGarden body, a mix of souldolls torso and dollstowns 15boy body torso, nice sculpted hands, the knee joints aren’t a pain to look at like souldolls, legs look long but not too long like a rickydoll where the pants won’t fit, the quadriceps (muscles on the top leg) aren’t bulging that its eye-catching, is it realistically proportional? -legs aren’t longer than the torso and vice versa, how is the posing, OMG the list can keep going the more I think about it.  Can you see what I’m going through? lol.

I digress, Spiritdoll’s Elegance boy joint torso looks pretty nice compared to their 70cm version. It’s like looking at a before and after, 61cm to 70cm. The single torso looks just as good. Its just the right amount of muscle I’m looking for. It is only 61cm, a little short for me, but nothing that clothes can’t fix. In the pictures, it does look like a young body, kinda boxy, not much hard/sharp angles, that V shape you know? But its more realistic, I like what they did. The more I think about it and see it makes me want it more.  But the total looks like about $440 to which luts delf is $300+ and luts senior $350 in the MP. I did know that this was an expensive hobby to begin with and I did say that I shouldn’t “settle” for less since it’s all coming out by the 100s.

So do I want a body that has cute legs and tummy to look at, a only-works-his-upper-body body, or Elegance? Haha, what a difficult decision. It’ll be a 40-10-50 split. As always, I’ll wait. Maybe there’ll be a sale coming soon. *crosses fingers*

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