oh it’s already summer of 2010?

it's like seeing that baby for the first time and know he's yours

Ah yes, how did time pass by so quickly? Just to give you on the update, I was looking on the Doa marketplace and I found him, So-nyeon-gi (now called Switch) Ryun NS.

I paid, not going to fool you on the price, $215 for his head and $32 for the faceup. Here’s the first photo I saw him and knew I had to get him. So I managed to scrounge up some money and pay for him, he was shipped to a faceup artist starting out and came home March 30.

While waiting a mere 21 days, I was counting it down-thank goodness this was all in the US, I started on who he would be. And I immediately thought of the name Mori. Then wrote down all his info, age/bio/personality, likes and dislikes. Shoot, I got his background storyline thought out and I’m keeping it that way, even if it looks realistically lame. I suppose I gathered all my favorite characteristics from myself and (anime) characters, like a dork I am. I might put it up later once I get some clothes together.

Of course, pictures online look different when right in front of you so he turned out to be much more “happy” looking. Well amused is more like it, like “Oh, so you’re my new guardian now? Just swell,” sarcastically said.  But I think we were both happy with each other. Me more so than him.

So I got Mori Evans now, without a body, for a year now. That’s what college does to you, that doll fund becomes book funds, yes poor Mori but he never stops looking amused “What can you do if the folks can’t pay for them? Just use my funds. You will shower me with gifts once you got the money. I expect you to…I’m giving this to you with interest.” That’s Mori. I just hope that it doesn’t take another year to get that body; 21% in body funds now. My sister keeps saying “Just pick one already” and I have but a Dollstown 15boy body is way way into outer space price range so I settled on saving up on a luts delf body.

While I should be concentrating on the body, I can’t help but look to the future and getting him a friend. When I was first writing out his bio, I was also looking at SNG Javi as brother and Crobidoll Ys B type for a friend. For now I nixed the little brother and focused more on the playful but annoying friend named Hans, he would be like Musashi in Me and My Brothers, the European (German/Japanese?) fella that begins to cross dress and is on borderline of being gay yet not. I have a lot more material for Hans than I do Mori, like specific clothes and accessories for example, oh boy can’t wait to be broke on those commission prices. But hey I have plenty of stories with both of them, there’s one where Mori gets to wear a muscle suit -like those halloween costumes and in that one spongebob episode.

    • creativegarden
    • June 28th, 2010

    hihi,can’t wait to see more of pix u dress him up~

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